Your first Nintendo console & handheld?

Discussion in 'Other Nintendo Consoles & Handhelds' started by Drew, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. What was your first Nintendo console and handheld?
  2. My first Nintendo console I played was the NES. I had three games back then, SMB, Pictionary, and Tetris. Needless to say, at age 5, I primarily played Super Mario Bros. :p Although that was my sister's system, the first console I owned myself was the Super NES. I played Super Mario World and All-Stars so much.

    First handheld was a teal Game Boy Color with Pokemon Red.
  3. To be honest I can't remember what my first nintendo console was. I feel like I had a console but the first one I can remember is the Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP. Loved playing it so much and I remember playing Need for Speed on it. It's weird how I used to think how great those graphics were and how fun the game was and now playing games GTA V or NFS and seeing the massive, out of this world difference in graphics. Unfortunately I did lose my Gameboy after taking it to school, most likely got stolen :(
  4. I bought a Nintendo Wii when I was 15 years old and I already had Nintendo 3DS. At that time I had Mario Kart in for Wii and I loved playing Inazuma eleven sekai no chousen on my 3DS. It is a great game. Probably the greatest game I have ever played.

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