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  1. averus

    I'm new here. I figured I'd introduce myself.

    Well let's work together to chase away the tumbleweed and get this forum going! :D Create new topics, and do your best to keep the Realm alive so we can all enjoy even more! :)
  2. averus

    What did you learn from video games?

    Besides fun, video games have other important factors. One of them are the lessons they teach us. This wonderful picture reminded me of that and gave me inspiration for this topic: Tell us what you've learned from the video games :)
  3. averus

    I'm new here. I figured I'd introduce myself.

    Welcome and enjoy this wonderful forum! :)
  4. averus

    Most frustrating game in history!

    Hahaha Superman 64 had so much promise, but the game was awful imo. I played for 10 minutes, and just gave up. It was so hard to fly through the rings, so I tried a couple of times and just quit and hated the game :D I instantly hated the game after not being able to fly... Nope, no game for...
  5. averus

    Should Link be Replaced?

    It could be an interesting idea, but I wouldn't replace Link, I'd just add another character and make the story such that you'd be playing with the other character for most of the game. For an example, Link and <other character> get their souls and bodies replaced, and in that process Link's...
  6. averus

    I need to pick up my jaw, just a second...

    I love how fan-made games, movies and stories are getting better and better each day. Just look at all the mods and games available online, and all the time spent by fans to create a new (sometimes jaw dropping) experience. I love the visuals of this game, I can see they've spent much effort...
  7. averus

    Rage Simulators, GAH!!!!

    I understand that people want to make challenging games. But I also hate "almost impossible" games. I want to relax, and not get a rage attack every time I play it! I wanna be the guy is a game I've played for a total of 5 seconds. Just not my thing. I'm more the Mario and Final Fantasy type of...
  8. averus

    The video game boomerang hate bandwagon

    Hahaha I never noticed this! It makes sense though. Your post makes me glad there are no boomerangs in videogames :D
  9. averus

    Cool Wii Remote projects

    I've seen people doing wonders with arduino, and this wiimote+car is an awesome project :) I'd love to see more like this!
  10. averus


    Final battle in Kingdom Hearts 2. 'Nuff said. It took more time than any boss fight ever should... I cursed for more than a hour :D But it's a good game, so yeah...
  11. averus

    What would be a great mash-up?

    Wow, that would actually be a great game I think! :D Link and Samus fighting their way through mutual enemies... Great! :D
  12. averus

    Hooking the NES to a Modern TV

    I guess there are always some kind of adapters for everything, so why not for this too? I think I've seen a tutorial for this somewhere online, but can't remember where :(
  13. averus

    What Movie did you LAST watch?

    I saw The Wolverine last night. I could've found better ways to waste 2 hours. That's all I'm gonna say.
  14. averus

    Can the Wii be considered 'retro' now?

    I don't think the Wii can get the "Retro" status just yet. Not because it isn't old, but because it isn't retro :) In a couple of years, when Playstation 4 graphics look "silly and lame", the Wii will be retro for sure
  15. averus

    Your MOST Favorite DS game?

    Yeah Kart is that kind of game - addictive, fun and awesome to play with friends :D