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  1. bebopblue

    Introducing SwitchForum!

    Sweet forum! Great job! with everything so far!! I Got my Switch for Zelda, then loads of other games had to be played, then out the blue another sweet game comes out! I’ve got a nice mini collection of classics. Really want Tony Hawks that could be my next purchase. I’m so happy to be able...
  2. bebopblue

    the nintendo switch, is it a good idea t o buy it right now?

    My input isn’t the best around and a decent fella once told me that opinions are like butts because everybody has one. That’s the watered down version of it anyway. Basically the moral is your opinion is the main opinion and finding out for yourself. Investigating people’s reviews is a great...
  3. bebopblue

    What's on Netflix now?

    Resident Evil Eternal Darkness is out tomorrow, the 8th. I’m from the UK I think else where may already have it, I’ve been wondering how awesome it’ll be.
  4. bebopblue

    Official Thread TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

    I’m so pumped for this game, and it’s making me wish I saved up for a Hori fight stick! I believe there’s a higher price version and lower price version. I wonder if this would be compatible?
  5. bebopblue

    New OLED model for Nintendo Switch Announced

    Uh oh don’t hurt me, not to promote Sony. *gulp* so I use to have a psp, ahem, and the OLED screen on it was superb, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clearer picture on a handheld. I don’t want to get carried away and say the wrong boast, because I’ve had a few psp handhelds, I have a inkling...
  6. bebopblue

    Official Thread Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

    I’ve always wanted to try this series out and now I can, it’s awesome. I originally watched my friend play it on first Xbox, I’ve been waiting a long time. So my question is, what difficulty should I play first, is it worth playing on easy first or shall I jump straight in to normal mode...