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  • The server upgrade should be finished shortly, see you all on the other side!
    Looks like you'll need to delete the member named 'support' as this is the last you'll see me here as a member. Support is a spammer just so you know.
    I was wondering the same thing, actually, haven't been on for a while but when I logged back on it was gone. Apparently the Conker avatar I was previously using is now too large (244 KB) due to it being an animated gif.

    Regardless, my profile was looking a bit empty without an avatar so I've added something else now.
    Gosh, regular expressions are tougher than I thought but I fixed all the YouTube videos that didn't embed themselves after import to XenForo
    In case anyone was wondering, any profile posts you make will be displayed here in the sidebar
    Fixed the permissions issue that didn't allow non-admin users to view the forum when logged in.
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