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  1. JamestheFreak

    Wii U price drop

    It's more like the Wii U now comes with a free controller than having a price drop. This is why I wait a few years before buying new consoles, early adopters don't get something like the ambassador program this time like the 3DS early adopters got.
  2. JamestheFreak

    Wii U price drop

    Well $50 isn't much of a price drop, plus I heard the classic controllers which are recommended to get are like $50 so...
  3. JamestheFreak


    This is a thread to let out of all your hatred, your anger, and your sorrow from any personal BS moments in video games that have made you rage. *Ahem*... F**KING GODDAMMIT I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GET TO THE SAVE POINT IN SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI AFTER BEATING A HARD BOSS AND HAVING TO GO THROUGH A LONG...
  4. JamestheFreak

    Gracie Grace

    I just passed her 3rd exam yesterday with iconic as the theme. I just used the Hero's clothes which worked, using the Varia suit probably would of worked as well. I only need to pass one more time.
  5. JamestheFreak

    Wii U price drop

    Didn't they say they never planned on ever dropping the price?
  6. JamestheFreak


    I enjoyed playing this one Godzilla game for PS2, it was fun having giant monsters fight each other.
  7. JamestheFreak

    Is Wii U worth the price?

    Wii U isn't worth getting in my opinion, stick with a 3DS it has better (and more) games.
  8. JamestheFreak

    The Realm Shop

    I'll order the wallpaper, I need my own fossil as well. If you ever get a T.Rex tail let me know.
  9. JamestheFreak

    The Realm Shop

    I can order you the astro wallpaper, If I get any of the fossiles I'll let you know.
  10. JamestheFreak

    What Characters SHOULD/NOT Come Back?

    Why would you guys want Jigglypuff gone? She's never going to leave, seriously all 12 characters from the original SSB will always have a permanent spot in every SSB game. I want Snake to be in again but not Solid Snake. I wanna see Naked Snake, A.K.A Big Boss in the next Smash this time with a...
  11. JamestheFreak

    The Realm Shop

    I'm almost done with my modern wood set, all I need are these. Modern wood table Modern wood shelf Modern wood TV If you have any of these and will trade be fast about contacting me about it or I might find someone to trade with on another site.
  12. JamestheFreak

    Club Tortimer

    I'm a member but I haven't gone to the island online in a long time. Everytime I went I always ended up with some japanese player that couldn't speak or understand english.
  13. JamestheFreak

    Final Smash Fantasy Thread

    Demi-Fiend from SMT Nocturne, his final smash could either be him using Gaea Rage killing anyone that gets caught it in or summoning Lucifer and have him use his Root of all Evil or High King attack.
  14. JamestheFreak

    Animal Crossing is in the Mario universe

    Gulliver was in Rougeport from Paper Mario TTYD as you see from this screenshot and met with one of the best partners too. [attachment=94] I wonder how far away the Mushroom Kingdom is?
  15. JamestheFreak

    IQ Test!