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Recent content by Lightning

  1. Lightning

    Why is this place so dead?

    A friend of mine was helping me look for a nintendo forum & bing brought them here. -shrugs-
  2. Lightning

    Why is this place so dead?

    Wow, sounds like you need to do some more advertising in order to get more people to know this place exists. XD
  3. Lightning

    Why is this place so dead?

    And where's the staff? It's like this place is just deserted. When I joined at least a few people were active, now it's just me who ever seems to come on here. What happened to this place? :/
  4. Lightning

    Neir: PS3/Xbox 360 game

    I found out about this game by doing a search & it seemed like an interesting story premise to the game.. But I'm unsure if I'll like the game based solely on the story thou. :| Has any one here played it? I'd like to get some one else's impressions on it first before I decide to get it. ^~^;