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    Hi, its nice to know about you and I am a football fan just like you here. Although I have my support to Manchester United there.
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    What is your favorite game?

    What is your favorite game and why is it so? My favorite game in Inazua Eleven Sekai e no Chousen, which is a soccer game based on the anime Inazuma eleven. It is purely out of love to my favorite sport soccer.
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    The Walking Dead

    No I haven't still got the chance to watch walking dead but I would surely consider watching it because of its ratings. I hope that its a great serial.
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    Why did you choose Nintendo?

    What was it about Nintendo that made you choose it? For me it was nothing specific or comparison with any other console. I already had Nintendo 3DS which was the best hand held gaming device for me at that time and I was very happy with it and so I chose to stick with Nintendo.
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    What feature of Nintendo 3DS made you purchase it over any other device?

    That one single feature that distinguished Nintendo 3DS as a superior device over the other available devices for you was? For me it was the flip opening of the device which I couldn't find in other devices then.
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    How many of you agree that smartphones need RAM more than 2GB?

    Do you guys really see any difference in smart phones with RAM more than 2GB's? I have a Lenovo A1000 with only 1GB RAM and I find as much as useful as any other smart phone with 2GB or grater RAM. Actually I see no difference in its functioning. Do you agree upon this fact or not?
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    Favorite Nintendo 3DS game?

    My favorite Nintendo 3DS game or probably the favorite of all games so far has been Inazuma Elven Sekai e no chousen. It is based on the anime Inazuma Eleven which indeed I love a lot being a soccer fan.
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    Your first Nintendo console & handheld?

    I bought a Nintendo Wii when I was 15 years old and I already had Nintendo 3DS. At that time I had Mario Kart in for Wii and I loved playing Inazuma eleven sekai no chousen on my 3DS. It is a great game. Probably the greatest game I have ever played.
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    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I enjoy producing music for various purposes like games, parties, dance and anime. I have been doing so for at least a year now and I love doing it. Sometimes I just watch interviews of entrepreneurs, artists or gaming videos.
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    Hello Guys!

    I am Meet Gujrathi. My interests lie in gaming, web designing, music instruments, gadgets, new ideas and application development.