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  1. Nintendo X

    Nintendo Realm's "Account Suicide" Thread

    Welcome! Welcome! :) I am willing to unban them if they can calm down. If not, I will just ban them all over again. The ban was my way to substitute deleting the account, so if they want to come back... Like I said, they have to let me know. If not, then it's the "who gives a fuck?" attitude...
  2. Nintendo X

    Nintendo Realm's "Account Suicide" Thread

    Hello! Welcome to SwitchForum! :) You're welcome to stay. I have no problem with that. This thread was originally in the announcement thread. I was at work this morning, to see what's going on, and I got furious. I kept my composure, and swallowed the pain. I paid money to own the site. And...
  3. Nintendo X

    Nintendo Realm's "Account Suicide" Thread

    First things first, I am a very nice person. I am actually a very welcoming person. I do not like members coming into a thread to crash the party by posting "account suicide" threats. I expect my members to be nice, and respectful. If you're not going to follow my rules. Your account is hereby...
  4. Nintendo X

    CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. has acquired Nintendo Realm!

    My name is Carlos Morales, I am the Founder and C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I've acquired the entirety of Nintendo Realm. It was a quite a small, but tight knit community of 3,267 Threads, 28,844 Posts and 387 Members. It has been merged into SwitchForum, and will remain so. I spent the...
  5. Nintendo X

    Major forum upgrade forthcoming to Switch Forum!

    On November 28th, xenForo Ltd. released the latest version of their flagship forum software, xenForo. I upgraded some of my sites to xenForo 2 already. The reason why I haven't upgraded is because the skin for this site is not yet available for the 2.0 line. I have no idea what to do about this...
  6. Nintendo X

    New Nintendo Direct Mini (1/11/2018) reveals part of 2018 plans

    Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct today, revealing some of the release dates for 2018, and they also outlined some of the plans for 2018.
  7. Nintendo X

    Official Thread Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out now...
  8. Nintendo X

    Nintendo Direct focuses on Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Nintendo focused their latest "Nintendo Direct" episode towards the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The game is an RPG by MonolithSoft, the same team of developers that brought you Xenogears under SquareSoft, and furthermore, they as MonolithSoft brought you Xenosaga trilogy, they then...
  9. Nintendo X

    Switch Forum has been upgraded.

    Switch Forum has been upgraded.
  10. Nintendo X

    New Switch (4.0.0) update brings new features

    Nintendo released a new patch update that brings Nintendo's new Switch console to version 4.0.0. This update brings new features such as Video Capture, an option to transfer your profile(s) and saves to another Switch console, new icons for your profile, and a pre-purchase button for certain...
  11. Nintendo X

    Hi SwitchForum!

    I loved Nintendo, but this Nintendo right here? Is the same garbage company that's been doing policies that inspired a mass exodus of "I quit" during SNES's rise to popularity. I loved N64 so much, it was untapped in places. That's frustrating. I even wrote an article precisely about this. Here...
  12. Nintendo X

    Official Thread Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    You'll be fine. These guys are the same guys that developed Xenogears, wait no.. They WERE the original developers behind Xenogears, moved onto Xenosaga series, and managed to feel fresh without having to "carry over" much of the story over from the previous iteration. Furthermore, here's the...
  13. Nintendo X

    Hi SwitchForum!

    I'm not really worried. I have other websites and projects in my network. I will have a new plan up my sleeve next year. I will be ready, and move swiftly. Most of the new "news" you've seen are mostly underwhelming, to the point of having no incentive to post home about it. For example...
  14. Nintendo X

    Nintendo World Championships 2017 livestream

    It has been a week since the championships were live, so if you missed it, here's the original livestream of Nintendo World Championships - do not expect too many announcements in here, because there isn't many. Just a few new footage for already-unveiled, already-announced games...
  15. Nintendo X

    New Nintendo Direct (9/13/2017) reveals new Nintendo games

    A month late, but Nintendo unveiled a slew of new announcements for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on September 13th, 2017...