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    Switch's Pathetic Memory Problem?

    Because that's where you can save files. If you want more storage, find an SD card to put into your Switch.
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    How to delete posts

    There is none because people abuse it. EDIT: I think I know why you wanted to delete your post, you said poor words about someone, but I've gone ahead and edited the post for you. Next time, think about what you're posting. I don't mind the swearing, just... as long as you're chill.
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    Information about an issue with an Amiibo working with Switch

    Usually, when you use that same Amiibo on something like Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or some other Nintendo hardware, you get a bonus item, boost, or something... Here's Twilight Princess on Wii U. But I'm not sure it's available for Link's Awakening. No worries. I've moved it for you. EDIT...
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    Switch won’t work on Sharp TV

    Did you update your console to the latest version?
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    Hi newbie here!

    Welcome to SwitchForum.com!
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    Call of Duty Mobile Hack Cheats Unlimited In-Game Purchases Generator (No Code)

    Thread locked. No glitches or mods allowed here. SwitchForum does not endorse this thread, or the links posted herein. Enter at your own risk. SwitchForum does not claim responsibility for any errors or game-breaking glitches that may happen to you. Activision themselves does not even endorse...
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    New here!

    Welcome to SwitchForum.com!
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    I introduce myself to the community

    Welcome to SwitchForum.com!
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    Official Thread Alien Isolation

    Name: Alien: Isolation Release Date: December 5, 2019 Genre: Action/Adventure Developer: Feral Interactive Publisher: SEGA Announce Trailer: Gameplay Trailer: Release Date Trailer:
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to SwitchForum.com!
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    New Nintendo Direct (9/4/2019) reveals new Nintendo Switch games

    On September 4th, Nintendo will host a new Nintendo Direct to reveal new games, new game updates and release dates. Learn about the Nintendo Switch roadmap for 2019... Nintendo says the livestream starts Tomorrow (9/4/19), and will last for 40 minutes. They said that they will reveal new...
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    New Indie World Showcase reveals new games

    At Gamescom 2019, Nintendo hosted a livestream highlighting upcoming Nintendo Switch games from independent developers. Learn what Nintendo Switch games will come from the indie developers...
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    Okay, now I'm even more confused. Because on MY database, it shows only one username. I searched your username, nothing. Just ethantic1212. Meaning there are a few ethantics on Tapatalk's servers. THIS (@ethantic1212) account you're using as of right now is the one on MY database.
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    I was confused at first. You just changed your e-mail address from this address. You thought it displays your e-mail address, but it doesn't. You've been posting here for a while now, so that's why it was confusing at first. If you need anything changed in the future and you had problems with...
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    Fortnite from iOS to Switch

    1.) You have to link the account to the same account in order to play the "same" profile. Like so: 2.) You need a Nintendo account before you go anywhere w/ online, so you'll need to use the same email like I explained above. Nintendo and Epic has to recognize you as one. 3.) It's worth noting...