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    E3 2018 news

    I'm just wondering how they're going to balance the whole thing. Pretty awesome.
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    Looking for help / advice for headphones - microphone

    Yea, that was a weird decision on Nintendo's part. Kind of annoying when you have a Switch person playing FN and you just know they don't have a mic.
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    Unique 3D Puzzle Game Neverout on Switch

    So this game originally comes from VR, but it has released recently (July 10th) on Switch. It's under $10, has 60+ levels and is really fun. The puzzles are interesting because you're in a cube and can essentially rotate the room to be able to walk on any wall. It has a nice...
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    Brand New Owner

    Wii didn't stick at all. With all the ports to Switch, I feel it can hold casual gamers as well as hardcore gamers.