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Recent content by Slushie

  1. Slushie

    Will you be buying the Nintendo Switch?

    I was just about to say something like "Yes, I am considering waiting in line and buying one opening day". Then I read the post and realized it's not asking if I will buy one right away, but at all. Yes, I do expect to be getting one. I have all the other Nintendo consoles, why stop now. Will it...
  2. Slushie

    Will Nintendo Switch destroy the 3DS & future Nintendo handhelds?

    That is something I am curious to see what happens. I enjoy the durability and compact size of the 3DS. Sure it's nice the Switch is portable, but what is protecting that screen and controllers from easily getting wrecked while traveling? I think I would have to see some really nicely designed...
  3. Slushie

    What games do you want to see on the Nintendo Switch?

    I was exciting throughout the trailer, the Switch looks pretty snazzy. But I got goosebumps when I saw the clip of that Mario game. I've always enjoyed the main Mario games. However I haven't been a big fan of the newer sidescrolling 3D'ish Mario games. This title looks like it could be...
  4. Slushie

    Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. Super Mario World

    The two most classic sidescrolling Mario games. Which do you prefer and why?
  5. Slushie

    Your first Nintendo console & handheld?

    My first Nintendo console I played was the NES. I had three games back then, SMB, Pictionary, and Tetris. Needless to say, at age 5, I primarily played Super Mario Bros. :p Although that was my sister's system, the first console I owned myself was the Super NES. I played Super Mario World and...
  6. Slushie

    Ahoy All

    I'm Joey a.k.a Slushie. I've been playing Nintendo since I was about 5 years old, started on the NES and have been a fan of Nintendo since. I primarily prefer Nintendo's classic consoles, NES to Gamecube (NES and SNES especially). I've never been big into Sony or Microsoft, I have enjoyed some...