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Recent content by xNo1Hatedx

  1. xNo1Hatedx

    Most Played Playstation Game?

    My most played game right now is apex legends xD
  2. xNo1Hatedx

    Id rly love to see this forum grow rly enjoy this layout n simpleness then other switch sites lol

    Id rly love to see this forum grow rly enjoy this layout n simpleness then other switch sites lol
  3. xNo1Hatedx

    Which was your favourite gaming console as a child?

    Gameboy adv sp and playstion 1 were my 2 most fav things as a kid n i still own em lol never will get rid of em to many good memories tbh
  4. xNo1Hatedx

    What is the oldest Nintendo console you have right now?

    Sadly i only got the gameboy advanced sp never rly owned anything else only played nintendo stuff at others houses or borrowed lol
  5. xNo1Hatedx

    What monitor?

    Im using amazon fire tv 50 inch atm lol but if i were to use a monitor it prob be an LG brand most likely
  6. xNo1Hatedx

    What Movie did you LAST watch?

    Oh ya def is.. Was kinda iffy with trailer but dang id watch it again lol
  7. xNo1Hatedx

    What is your favorite game?

    Hard choice between borderlands 2 and mw3.. There the games i spent the most hours on and where my fav memories are so :)
  8. xNo1Hatedx

    What Movie did you LAST watch?

    Endgame :)
  9. xNo1Hatedx

    PSN Usernames

    xNo1Hatedx is my psn id... Games installed atm Apex Anthem No mans sky Minecraft BLHSC BLGOTY Edition FarCry 5 Move or die And a few others Also have tons of others not installed atm
  10. xNo1Hatedx

    Newb in the house

    Thanks! Means alot :)
  11. xNo1Hatedx

    Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

    My code is SW-0077-1180-9148 Current games are Zelda(BOTW) **main atm** Minecraft Portal knights **main atm** Super smash bros Mario kart deluxe Just dance 2019 Fitness boxing Ultimate chicken horse Snipperclips Timber man vs Dawn of survivors Yet another zombie defence Tricky towers Splatoon...
  12. xNo1Hatedx

    Newb in the house

    Hi everyone Names no1hated but ppl just call me hated for short.. Names along story lol Looking to meet all kinds of new people and hopefully find some like minded people on here so i can make my switch a lil more fun n give me a reason to jump on it more! Im 25 male from canada father of 2(2...
  13. xNo1Hatedx

    How did you find SwitchForum?

    I found the forums typeing in *nintendo switch communities* think was on bout the 2nd page :)