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  1. queenzelda

    Haven't been here in a hot minute, but I honestly haven't been on many forums since covid hit...

    Haven't been here in a hot minute, but I honestly haven't been on many forums since covid hit last year.
  2. queenzelda

    Affected by the dreaded joycon drift? Tell me about your experience

    I filled it out. For me it was just easier to buy a new controller; until I got the drift on that controller. So I had to tare it down & fix it. It's starting to get drift again about 2 month's later, this is constantly going to be a problem that will probably never go away.
  3. queenzelda

    Megan says hi.

    Megan says hi.
  4. queenzelda

    Welcome to being sold out to two different owners my friend. It's good to see you again.

    Welcome to being sold out to two different owners my friend. It's good to see you again.
  5. queenzelda

    It's changed hands about 2 times now. *shrugs*

    It's changed hands about 2 times now. *shrugs*
  6. queenzelda

    What monitor?

    My Switch is plugged into my 4k hd 49" smart LG tv.
  7. queenzelda

    Nintendo Switch will beat Xbox and PlayStation

    -_-" Not every one is going to click on that link & read what you posted a link to. Here's the bulk of what the above poster posted to in it's entirety; I’ve talked Playstation, Microsoft and now it’s time to see what Nintendo could be doing for E3. There is a lotta stuff that Nintendo can’t...
  8. queenzelda

    Anyone up to playing Animal Crossing: NL? No? *sigh*

    Anyone up to playing Animal Crossing: NL? No? *sigh*
  9. queenzelda

    Looking for help / advice for headphones - microphone

    Oh I'm sure the headphones would work fine. But the mic on it won't. Nintendo made the lovely decision that if you want their chat feature, you have to use your phone for that. From Nintendo's website: Instructions on how to invite or join friends using the Nintendo Switch Online app. With the...
  10. queenzelda

    Xenfro really? Ugh.

    Xenfro really? Ugh.
  11. queenzelda

    Nintendo Realm's "Account Suicide" Thread

    Yea, I don't want to be a party to this move either. I didn't ask for my content to be moved & I certainly didn't agree to the forum being purchased out from underneath the original owner twice over now either. <.<"
  12. queenzelda

    Do you think Nintendo should turn the online function back on?

    Pfft, the other console giants like Sony & M$ have cut their online for their older consoles. So I don't see the big deal for Nintendo to cut the cord to. I can already see a few games getting the cord cut such as Smash Bro's for the Wii U has been said to be getting the cut & it's on not only...
  13. queenzelda


    Basically it MS studio's version of Metroid to be brutally honest.
  14. queenzelda

    Leaving/Coming back thread

    I used to come here constantly myself, but after the site was bought by some one from outside the forum, the place just died off. I came back to just see if the place had been taken over by pron yet, as most sites that have died seem to. XD So, not yet. I give it four more years... /jk :p I do...
  15. queenzelda

    PS4 Price drop

    In North America, you can now buy a PlayStation 4 starting at $350. The $50 price cut was announced yesterday and goes into effect today at retailers across the United States and Canada. With the price cut, the PS4 is now offered at the same starting price as the Xbox One going into the holiday...
  16. queenzelda

    Nintendo has appointed a new president

    Tatsumi Kimishima has since been made President of Nintendo of Japan. source
  17. queenzelda

    Does your NES still work?

    I have a hybrid SNES/NES console I bought new a few month's back but yea it still works just fine. :p
  18. queenzelda

    Nintendo PlayStation has been found!

    An extraordinarily rare prototype of the SNES-CD console, which was created as part of a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony some 25 years ago, has been discovered. Never-before-seen images offer the first ever close-ups of the machine, now yellowed with age, which combines the form...
  19. queenzelda

    Thoughts on the DS

    @AlexKid I couldn't agree more. :3
  20. queenzelda

    Does anyone still own a Nintendo DS phat/fat?

    Yep. Though my husband plays Prof Layton on it. XD