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  1. MrShadow

    Racing game suggestion

    hi, there is burnout paradise remastered,i got this recently on the offers part of the nintendo estore for £10 i think. obviously its no assetto corsa competizione or FORZA horizon or project cars (they may end up being suitable to play on the steam deck anyway next year i havent checked,thats...
  2. MrShadow

    Mario Cart 8 Deluxe “video game”? Vs MC8D

    it sounds to me like the cheaper one is the official physical box you will recieve BUT itll have the code for the game inside it.so its a round about way of buying digitaly but you do get the official plastic box. i might be wrong but ive got a feeling this is what it is-ive bought super luckys...
  3. MrShadow

    hi there

    hi nintendo X, thankyou for the welceme! im sorry ive not replied yet. it was your metroid avatar that made me look into the switch version further, in all the years ive gamed ive never played it so its now on my list to get,ive always loved side scrollers whether it was double dragon II on the...
  4. MrShadow

    Why did you choose Nintendo?

    i was exactly the same with nintendo, gave up at the gamecube stage,and id started at exactly the same time as you with the NES. ive come back only since my sister told me she coud get £90 odd quid off a switch at her store using her thingy (sorry,my memory is damaged from my epilepsy- and i...
  5. MrShadow

    What is the oldest Nintendo console you have right now?

    ive got my old NES in my current storecubard, my parents bought the NES for me in 1989,i think from a UK store called john menzies. not quite the console anymore but ive still got two comodore 64 game tapes on my coffee table next to me (i had found them when my dad was chucking out a lot of my...
  6. MrShadow

    Your first CD?

    my first actual interest in music let alone first bought album (rubbish tape quality though) was the prodigys 'experience' -i had first seen some of their songs on top of the pops-and i was mesmerised by that style of music otherwise i hated pop music-my sister always had that show on but i can...
  7. MrShadow

    hi there

    hi there, i am a fairly oldskool gamer,ranging from the commodore 64 to the sega megadrive II,saturn and dreamcast ,to the nintendo 64-and many in between-also a PC and laptop gamer. ive now got myself a nintendo switch thanks to my sister in fact, and im looking forward to getting back to...