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  1. Canadian

    Opinions? Game Of The Month?

    What game would you vouch to be games of the month and why?
  2. Canadian

    What does your name mean?

    In this thread post below what your name means !
  3. Canadian

    Post Your Oldest Retro System!

    True, but focusing on Atari 2600 games you would have to know rare games such as e.g(Air Raid, Gamma-Attack, & Karate [UltraVision]) are very rare Atari 2600 games but of course you could agree?
  4. Canadian

    Post Your Oldest Retro System!

    But worth a lot of money nowadays
  5. Canadian

    Post Your Oldest Retro System!

    That's deep in the Prehistoric Age Lmfao.
  6. Canadian

    Post Your Oldest Retro System!

    I was going to post that, But i was on my phone. I think that's one too :P, But lets not forget the "Xbox and Super Nintendo" :P
  7. Canadian

    Post Your Oldest Retro System!

    Yeah, Ive played that too. I just don't know if it's older then the v-smile.
  8. Canadian

    Post Your Oldest Retro System!

    Well I was just remembering a couple of game systems I played as a child. I just happened to supposedly remember this Old Old Retro System. So has anyone here ever played or reviewed this system? If not post what the oldest system you ever played was.
  9. Canadian


    Welcome to the boards.
  10. Canadian

    Hello {

    If there is anything you'd like to talk about, I'd be more them happy to talk with you :) .
  11. Canadian

    Super Mario Galaxy vs. Super Mario galaxy 2

    I haven't played enough of Super Mario Galaxy 2 to say it's better yet (since I have yet to beat Galaxy 2, but completed the first), but so far it's definitely on the right track. Now, Super Mario Galaxy did invent the new game play but Galaxy 2 just adds to it. But all in all, which would you...
  12. Canadian

    Whats your favorite movie of 2013?

    My favorite movie of 2013 is Fast and Furious 6! R.I.P Paul Walker :( .
  13. Canadian

    How to perform a Nintendo DSi system Update

    In order to perform a system update, your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL will need to be connected to the internet. How to For a list of features and enhancements found in the latest updates, please click here. System updates may be required in order to play new Nintendo DSi games or continue...
  14. Canadian

    Poke Balls

    Nintendo DS/Gameboy yeah pretty much. I just realized I wasn't too specific.
  15. Canadian

    Poke Balls

    I remember playing this on the regular Nintendo, always used ultra and master balls :) Pokemon ruby etc.
  16. Canadian

    Hello {

    This is the most basic information I could get you on Habbo Retros, http://habbo.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page without linking you to another forum.
  17. Canadian

    Hello {

    Hello NR, I am new here. For the ones who do not know me my name is Brendon (Bren) (18 years old), I am fan of Habbo Retros, which I have been playing and developing for 3 years now. Habbo is one online social network that is addictive ( :p ). I was the founder and owner of multiple Habbo...