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  1. Rachet_Acram

    Charterstone: Digital Edition soon to come to Switch

    Charterstone: Digital Edition is an adaptation of the board game of the same title by Stonemaier games - the studio behind Scythe, Viticulture or Wingspan. It's a strategic game where players build their village over the course of the campaign. The goal is to make the village worthy of becoming...
  2. Rachet_Acram

    Eight-Minute Empire - first look on Nintendo Switch

    Hey there! We have a video of Eight-Minute Empire, the digital adaptation of Ryan Laukat's strategy area of control board game, that's about to be released on Switch in less than a week!
  3. Rachet_Acram

    Istanbul board game about to hit the Switch!

    Hello! I'm here on behalf of Acram Digital and Mobo Studio, publishers and developers specializing in porting tabletop board games to digital platform. And I am here, because we're currently working on our first Nintendo Switch port. The game in question is Istanbul: Digital Edition. It's a...
  4. Rachet_Acram

    Good day!

    Hello, I'm Rachet, I work for the studio, that specializes in porting boardgames to various digital platforms. As of now we're working on a Switch port for Istanbul, so... hello! I promise a solemn oath, I'm not here to spam anything, be obnoxious or inconvenience anyone in any way, I'm a fan of...