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    Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, Outlook are now banned.

    I keep getting complaints from real, legitimate users that they're not receiving confirmation emails from the server. This is because on a few other sites that I own, two things are happening: People are using these e-mail addresses as disposable addresses to spam. That's just one facet. The...
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    I'm here...remember me?

    Your account is still there. But I'll just leave it alone and see how you are.
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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    Name: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Release Date: TBA 2019 Genre: Action Developer: Publisher: Unveiled at The Game Awards (TGA) 2018, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019. It is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game.
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    I'm here...remember me?

    Welcome back to NW/WiiterNet/Chat/NR - let's just start fresh and call it Switch Forum. :)
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    Good day!

    Welcome to Switch Forum! If you want your game to be showcased on the site, go ahead and create your thread in this forum. Use the proper format, and introduce your game that way. This way, your company and game is recognized better. And on top of that, if you share it on social media (there...
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    Nintendo Switch starts running out of stock at some of Japan's top stores

    Well, it's Black Friday, of course it'll sell out. I would imagine Smash Bros. Ultimate and then Christmas selling out the console. Oh yeah. I imagine Christmas being extremely hot for Nintendo. :)
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    Nintendo is going to destroy two popular YouTube channels that uploaded Super Smash Bros. Ultimate music

    Good! That means datamining is not acceptable under Nintendo's explicit control. That's what they did to obtain the music of Ultimate. And then uploaded whereever they wanted (including YouTube.)
  9. Nintendo X

    Help with the online store and regions

    Nobody should be offended by your choice of game. DOAX3 is fine. As for your question: You can log in with any account, from any region, and download from any region. Your new Switch is region-free.
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    Forum Upgraded. Another major update ahead.

    Forum Upgraded. Another major update ahead.
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    Official Thread Diablo III Eternal Collection

    New Nintendo Switch gameplay for Diablo Eternal Collection is out... And new Launch Trailer is released...
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    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    That's a revision, though. Not an upgrade. In that case, Sony was trying to cut costs of PSP/PSVita through removing a problematic screen, and replacing it with a cheaper, easier to repair screen. PSPGo for another example isn't just a revision, it removes UMD to make things cheaper. We don't...
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    Official Thread Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    That's the reason why I'm not playing it. It's a good game, but the gameplay is a little weird. And on top of that, progressing in the game is also weird. The game tells you to go to "x," but ends up confusing you. I'm stuck in one of the areas in the game, and it's the reason why I stopped...
  14. Nintendo X

    Official Thread Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2

    *scratches head* Its the same games from SNES.
  15. Nintendo X

    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    In my opinion, I wouldn't worry about this "new" Nintendo Switch. Most likely it's going to be a revision of Nintendo Switch, where they fix issues with Nintendo Switch. I highly doubt it's going to be like PlayStation Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo 3DS, which they were all upgrades to the actual...
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    Hey fellow switchers

    Welcome to Switch Forum! :)
  17. Nintendo X

    New Nintendo Direct (11/1/2018) reveals new Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters and info

    Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct this morning to unveil new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, and information. New Game Modes, New Characters, New features, and more... There's a treehouse livestream going on right now...
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    Nice to meet you Team

    Welcome to SwitchForum!
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    Wow! I am Here Finally

    I've changed your username. No first and last name in usernames. Either way: Welcome to SwitchForum!
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    Official Thread Sega Genesis Classics

    Name: Sega Genesis Classics Release Date: December 2018 Genre: Compilation Developer: Publisher: SEGA