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    I'm here...remember me?

    well, nice to see a lot of my old threads are here Kinda sad to remember what this place used to be like, and all the effort I put into bringing it activity
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    What does your name mean?

    Mine is one of my OC's---Windfire(PM me if you wanna know more) My OLD name was FyreeTSG(the reigning top-poster) Long story there too
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    AC NL crossing anyone?

    anyone still play this? Cause I do daily
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    Favorite Nintendo 3DS game?

    (I thought I'd made a thread like this 8 years ago)... Anyways: Mine's AC New Leaf
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    Your first CD?

    CD or DVD?
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    I'm here...remember me?

    sounds good to me too bad I can't transfer my post count over
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    I'm here...remember me?

    Well...to any OLD Nintendo Worlds/WiiterNet/WiiterChat/NR members... I'm Fyree, had to create a new acct, cause rather my OLD one was banned/deleted--OR it's been nearly 6 years since I left here...back when IT was NR, and I was top-poster, and had a few "problems" here. BUT, I thought I'd see...