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    Smash bros ultimate ken issues!

    Does anyone else have this issue? Ehen playing him i wind doing this stuff accidental a lot! Never had this happen before with any smash.
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    A boy bought Smash Bros. ultimate after months of working a below minimum wage job at a farm and doing hard labor

    Sorry but if a man wont hunt let him starve. He’s just being a man working that butt off
  3. Flash

    which game is better

    Personal prefrence smash can get boring fast just with smashing and mario kart can to with just racing. Personally i’d go smash or splatoon2
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    Overview of the NES Controller for Nintendo Switch

    Hell i still have the original nes controller haha!! This seems cool but not wasting cash on it. Knowing nintendo these acceories wont work on the next console. Hahs
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    Nintendo has finally got it!

    Honestly nintendo has finally found a console design that suits them and that their consumers like and enjoy! On the flip side this is what turned me off to nintendo for the longest. Nintendo has always changed the designs of their consoles and by doing so made it inconsistent to me. Every time...
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    Official Thread Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Is it just me and my brother 27,28 years old we get lost when playing with 4 characters total, his boy and my boy. Even are kids say yea they loose sight of where their character went. Never had this happen in smash 64 and up to brawl. Didnt play wii u smash long enough.
  7. Flash

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Growing my cannabis and riding my sport bike. Sometimes i train my 8yr old in martial arts since i’ve done it for 12 years. I homeschool my kids, and we play games together, we def miss halo it was cool beating them with my oldest.
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    Hi SwitchForum!

    Welcome buddy!
  9. Flash

    What monitor?

    Lg tv oled
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    How did you find SwitchForum?

    A buddy said something about it to me
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    Official Thread Diablo III Eternal Collection

    This looks dope trying to find the console to have it. Hahaha
  12. Flash

    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    Yep definitely agree. 2 buddies and i already hacked the new switch took 48 hours to do it but it was a lot harder and its unstable at the moment. If people want to hack their switch it’s their right. Its their darn switch not nintendos. I dont remember signing any agreement to not do it haha...
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    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    Oh yea welcome im new here to! Wooo!
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    Hey fellow switchers

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    Official Thread Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Yea i took a break from it for about a month for the same thing. They got to do better on that.
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    Official Thread Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2

    Don’t scratch to much you’ll wind up bleeding haha! Didnt know it was the same so thats cool
  17. Flash

    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    She going to buy your gf or wife roses and wedding ring for you to? Hahaha well i hope she spoils your kids when you have them. No problem. Im shooting the shit with you if you cant tell. Hshaha
  18. Flash

    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    Your over thinking it, second your too old for your mom to be buying video games. This literally had me laughing my ass off! Honestley though i’d wait just to see what they do. I dislike nintendo money grab schemes anytime they drop a new console they phase out all of the accesories, games...