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    Is it normal to have hairline scratches on switch screen?

    Yes I think that would be normal especially when used docked.
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    Buy a Switch now, or wait?

    You should definitely buy now. Your backlog must be piling up and you're missing out on good online events for some games. In my opinion, I would only wait if what I want is to get the Sword and Shield edition Nintendo Switch version.
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    Official Thread Cuphead

    I'm still waiting for the physical copy. No news for the release date but they said that some time after the DLC for the digital copy.
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    Am I Alone? Is Anyone out there?

    Still here. What 3DS game do you still play?
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    Monster Hunter 4U: What's your favorite weapon?

    Bow is my favorite and Dual Blades is my second.
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    New Nintendo Direct (2/27/2019) reveals 2 new Pokemon games

    Another Pokemon Direct is coming this June 5, 2019. I saw the news from Serebii.
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    Newb in the house

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Official Thread Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    The addition of X-men made me love this upcoming game even more. I can't believe Magneto is a playable character.
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    Which was your favourite gaming console as a child?

    Gameboy Advanced SP will always be my favorite. That's where I was able to play my favorite Pokemon version which is Emerald. Also, I enjoyed a lot of games there as well like F-Zero Climax, Crash Team Nitro, and Castlevania.
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    What Movie did you LAST watch?

    Just watched John Wick 3 and it was impressive as always.
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    Favorite Nintendo 3DS game?

    Alpha Sapphire will always be my favorite 3DS Game.
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    They released the new trailer for Godzilla 2: King of Beasts on Youtube today.
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    What monitor?

    Although I seldom do it since I'm playing handheld most of the time, I use a 32" Full HD Samsung Smart TV from our living room.
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    Nintendo Switch starts running out of stock at some of Japan's top stores

    And still running out up to this time with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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    Your first CD?

    The first CD I bought is a Lion King movie.
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    What does your name mean?

    Mine is Time-Eater.