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    Dogurai is now on Switch

    That's a really cute game. It reminds me of Undertale though.
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    New Nintendo Direct Mini (3/26/2020) reveals new Nintendo Switch updates

    Are we still getting a proper Direct some time this year when the Covid-19 crisis flatten?
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    Most Played Playstation Game?

    Definitely Monster Hunter World on my PS4.
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    Hello Guys

    Hey there! Welcome aboard.
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    Which was your favourite gaming console as a child?

    Definitely Gameboy Advanced. The best part of having this handheld console is that I get to play it during long drive or travel with my family.
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    What does your name mean?

    It's from one of the stages in Splatoon 2.
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    What is your favorite game?

    Mine would be Pokemon Platinum. The legendary and its lore were engaging, Cynthia was a real threat back then, the soundtrack is superb.
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    New Member

    Hello to all members here. I'm Dani and I own 2 Nintendo Switch (Regular v1 and Zacian/Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite). I play mostly Pokemon and Splatoon 2. My other favorites are Fire Emblem Three Houses and the port of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Anyway, I hope everyone is safe...