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  1. Empire

    What is your favorite game?

    I played so many games I my life with over 200 games on my list. End of the day with over 200 games that I do have I only stick with 5 games. LOL or the more we have the more we get bored. End of the day I do allot of flight sims :)
  2. Empire

    Are you a city or country person?

    Both :P Well, the truth that I lived in both. Born outside of Sidney and lived there for 10 years before moved to the countryside around farming land. Then 15 years later moved to the UK and near Sheffield and 5mins drive out in the country. I have dealt and learn farming life and so I been...
  3. Empire

    Hello Switch!

    Hello, I'm empire and known to be empire alover the world wide web. Thought I stop by and check you guys out. glad to be hear to chill and post around.