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  1. Grooms

    I just logged in for the first time in 6 years. When did this place become "Switch Forum"?

    I just logged in for the first time in 6 years. When did this place become "Switch Forum"?
  2. Grooms

    Most frustrating game in history!

    I always found this to be terribly difficult. Not sure I ever beat it (I never owned it, just played my friend's copy). Zelda II is always the first game that comes to mind when anyone says 'frustrating'. I had never played it growing up and was incredibly determined to beat it in college one...
  3. Grooms

    Chat thread

    I am quite jealous of you. Though I have a friend who lives in LA and he says the constantly sunny weather gets old after a while. He was excited to come home for the holidays and see snow (on the East Coast).
  4. Grooms

    Chat thread

    Sorry Queen, didn't mean to offend. So is it absolutely freezing for anyone else today? I'm sitting at work in 5 layers of clothing.
  5. Grooms

    Chat thread

    Why are you refusing to use the chatbox, QZ? I used to make resolutions in high school, but I never kept them, so I don't bother anymore. And I agree that it's silly to want to change specifically on the first day of the year when you can easily do it any other day of the year. But yes, having...
  6. Grooms

    Miiverse Now Available for 3DS!

    In case you didn't hear, you can now access Miiverse on your Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. The system update also incorporates your Nintendo Network Account and has combined the Wii U & 3DS eShop funds together. I just updated my 3DS today, but I haven't really played around with Miiverse too much. I...
  7. Grooms

    NR Skype Room?

    I have a Skype and would definitely come chat with ya'll, assuming this is still relevant.
  8. Grooms

    New Challenger Approaching!

    Thanks for the welcomes :) (late response) I disappeared for a little bit, sorry.
  9. Grooms

    I'm getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Christmas!

    I have a boomerang and the Master Sword, so I'm down for holding onto them for you :)
  10. Grooms

    Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    I am incredibly tempted to go buy this today (along with Super Mario 3D World) but currently I'm still playing through Windwaker HD and Pokemon Y and I have a handful of other games I haven't finished, and I know buying this is just going to make it harder. Maybe once I beat Windwaker I'll buy...
  11. Grooms

    Which Wii U game are you most looking forward to?

    I am surprised to say that Super Mario 3D World is the one I'm most excited for. I love that they're bringing back the ability to play as Toad and Peach (with their special abilities) and the cat suit power-up is just adorable. I'm also excited for Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers...
  12. Grooms

    Poll: Smash Bros controller

    I guess if Brawl was your first game, then you'd prefer the Wiimote over any other controller, but I prefer the Gamecube controller since I played so much Melee, and then when Brawl came out I didn't even give the Wiimote a chance when I learned you could still use Gamecube controllers.
  13. Grooms

    Your Latest 3DS Game?

    I just bought Pokemon Y a couple weeks ago, along with Pokemon X (for my girlfriend), and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and I got each of them for $18 due to an error in Walmart's website :D
  14. Grooms

    What are YOU listening to?

    I'm not currently listening to anything, but recently I've been really digging' Lorde's newest album, Pure Heroine. I lost my iPod last week though, so sadly I haven't been able to listen to it on my commute to work recently :(
  15. Grooms

    Grooms' Studio

    I suppose I'll make one of these :D Let's start with this logo concept for a pizza joint: It's very simple, and I probably won't stick with the type (as I'd prefer to make my own rather than use a pre made one, and also I'd rather it be a script), but I like the colors and the pizza icon...
  16. Grooms

    New Challenger Approaching!

    You have no idea how long I sat here trying to come up with a gaming-themed title for my intro thread. Hi everyone! Erik messaged me via my blog, The Hidden Chest, about becoming affiliates, and thus an affiliation is born! I thought I'd join the forum as 1) I've recently bought a handful of...