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    Animal Crossing is in the Mario universe

    he also mentioned Delphino Island once to me....--but I think he just travels through each of the Nintendo Universes--like a HUB, or something....
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    Identifying Paintings and Statues: Real OR Fake

    PAINTINGS Amazing Painting (The Night Watch - Rembrandt): In the fake version the man in black is standing to the right of the man in white. Basic Painting (The Blue Boy - Thomas Gainsborough): The boy in the fake painting has both of his hands on his hips. Calm Painting/Gentle Painting (A...
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    New features you would like to see in the game.

    Drag Racing would be nice--but then I'd feel they were taking another(wrong) page from NFS--which is where I don't want to see Mario Kart going anywhere near, cause I'm 100% in favor of the series staying true to it's roots. I WOULD like to see a few new options if Motorbikes are...
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    Namco's Contributions?

    As NAMCO-BANDAI is co-developer--WHAT should Namco add to SSB Wii U/3DS to give it a bit of their own flare? Any NAMCO Games get stages? Any Characters added to the Roster? Simple stuff like Assist Trophies, Music, or Stickers? If I don't see at least ONE thing from Pacman/Ms. Pacman...
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    Should NAMCO Help with MK8?

    Many of you, I'm sure, aren't aware of the MARIO KART GP Arcade racing games---one of which WAS brought to the states--and BOTH were produced by NAMCO-BANDAI, and feature several Namco characters thrown into the Mario Kart roster. Playing it only a couple times, years ago, it was STILL one of...
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    Compatibility with MK7?

    Nothing will be known for a while--but SHOULD MK8 feature some compatibility with 3DS' MK7? Maybe just characters, or kart parts? (in case a character isn't in Mk8 that was in MK7, or vice versa)--plus it would be a nice throw back to Mario Golf on N64 that could use a transfer pak+Mario Golf...
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    Racers You Want Back?

    What Racers(characters) do you want back? well, aside from Yoshi(who BETTER be in it)--I'd love to see DK Jr return(*one of the BEST in SMK) I'd also like them to throw in the "deleted racer" from MK64: Magikoopa/Kamek
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    Classic Courses Returned?

    What CLASSIC Mario Kart courses should they bring back in MK8?? I'd KILL for Wario Stadium N64 to return--so long as they don't ruin it with stupid Glider/Jumps(which ruined a lot of the classic courses on MK7). I'd also love to see a few more from MK64--Rainbow Road, Luigi/Royal Raceway...
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    Mario KART!! Not Bike...

    they don't need to make 2 "racing" games obviously...although they could still do a BASIC new Mario Kart, and release a discounted 2nd smaller game, "MARIO MX", or whatever--which would be more appealing to me tbh, than a Mario Kart with bikes in it(I'm thinking something in the style of...
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    The UnOfficial NintendoRealm Retro Gaming League

    I don't skype--and how would we go about playing said SNES games "multiplayer"??
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    Mario KART!! Not Bike...

    Exactly---and no, I'm not in favor of always doing new things to an established series, especially one like Mario Kart....which should stick with simple go-karts...and not turn into a random-racing game---I didn't overly like MK7's customizing, cause it was bordering on the tuner-based NFS-style...
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    Mario KART!! Not Bike...

    Mini Rant, but with a purpose: It's Mario Kart---so wtf are you bringing Bikes back for? I get it, they were widely popular in MKWii(and a driving force to NEVER play the game for me BTW)---but do we need to bring them back for another round of racing? I'm not gonna boycott the game simply...
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    What does the Wii U VC NEED??

    i'm not condoning people who choose to emulate games, BUT this is about Wii U VC, and WHAT the Wii U eShop needs to have in it to be successful, saying the Wii's VC was pretty much a waste of time for it's last few years... and I'm with you on owning the ACTUAL cart for the system as well---and...
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    BEST Gamecube games?

    Maybe a bit of an update of my own: Soul Calibur II SSX On Tour Madden 03-06 MVP Baseball 2004, 2005 NBA Live 2003, 2005, 2006 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, 2004, 2006 Star Wars Rogue Squadron games WWE Wrestlemania XIX RE Zero Fight Night Round 2(why, cause it has PUNCH OUT's Little Mac!!) Sonic...
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    BEST Gamecube games?

    ahh...Soul Calibur II--still my fave
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    What was the last retro game you bought?

    just scored 3 NES Carts: Wrecking Crew Pinball and GALAGA(which was subtitled "Demons of Death")--- (so 2 more Mario games, and one of the NAMCO "Holy Trinity")(already have Pacman and Ms. Pacman--need Dig Dug now)
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    NR Skype Room?

    (and a fine question to ask Wafflekid).... No....things don't USUALLY take a year, and still hold some relevance... (and call me a negative Nelly)---but I'll be bitterly honest---if there WAS going to be an OFFICIAL Skype Room on NR, and have full-on activity from several members, and be...
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    Re-Tail Guide: Flea Market & More

    Here are a few hints and tips for RE-TAIL in your town. Re-Tail gives you 1/4th an items retail value when you sell it.(which is the normal)--(and the Nooklings only give you 1/5th) The sign out front lists WHAT item(s), fish, bugs, etc. are worth 2x the value each day. Selling things in the...
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    AC NL FAQ how to obtain: Ice furniture

    I have the info in my Strategy guide :D --and since I don't time travel, i don't really need to know about WINTER stuff, especially in the middle of Summer
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    New Leaf Sales Numbers!!

    BE'LEAF THE NUMBERS!! Well, it took a while to see something in-terms of SALES numbers for easily the HOTTEST 3DS game in the last month--AC NEW LEAF. And NOW there's a solid report! Driving the 3DS to another solid month, selling 225,000 units, and NEW LEAF sold 505,000 copies in the US in...