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  1. averus

    What did you learn from video games?

    Besides fun, video games have other important factors. One of them are the lessons they teach us. This wonderful picture reminded me of that and gave me inspiration for this topic: Tell us what you've learned from the video games :)
  2. averus

    Favorite Wii game Soundtrack?

    We all love Nintendo, and we all love the Mario soundtracks. Which one was your favorite soundtrack on the Nintendo Wii? :)
  3. averus

    What would be a great mash-up?

    We've seen many games combining characters and stories from others. One of the most popular and best is Kingdom Hearts. Imagine you could create a Nintendo game that is a mash up of two Nintendo games. Which games would you choose? Who would be the main character, who would you leave out? Why?
  4. averus

    Anyone remember the Battle fo Olympus on the NES?

    I wish someone would make a modern remake of that game! It was so difficult, but so interesting and awesome! I've spent hours playing it :D Awesome game!:thumbsup:
  5. averus

    Howdy from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Hey there! I'm Averus from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I got my first Nintendo console in 1994 (it was a Nintendo Entertainment System) and I still have it, as well as ~15 games :) After that I got a Gameboy (in '96) but it got stolen, a Super Nintendo ('96), Nintendo64 (don't remember...