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  1. Nintendo X

    Is the Nintendo 64 still worth getting?

    Yes, but there's a service coming to Nintendo Switch Online that will include Nintendo 64 games...
  2. Nintendo X

    Hi everyone I’m new

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  3. Nintendo X

    Do i need an account if i play physical nintendo switch games?

    Yes, and no. Yes, every Nintendo Switch console requires an "account." It's basically your ID. No, you don't "technically" need to have an account, but like other services like Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network, the game authenticates the ID with the game. But it's not required to do anything...
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    Old school gamer alive and here!

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  6. Nintendo X

    Official Thread Bayonetta 3

    Name: Bayonetta 3 Release Date: TBA 2022 Genre: Action Developer: PlatinumGames Publisher: Nintendo Teaser Trailer: Gameplay Trailer:
  7. Nintendo X

    New Nintendo Direct (9/23/2021) reveals new Nintendo Switch updates

    Nintendo is hosting a surprise new Nintendo Direct to reveal new games, new game updates and release dates. Learn about the Nintendo Switch roadmap for the late half of 2021...
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    Hello everyone

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    Call me No One

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  11. Nintendo X

    My Introduction: SleepyGuyy

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  12. Nintendo X

    How did you find SwitchForum?

    I want to buy 3DSForums.com but you can't register. You can't even contact the owner(s), as of now. And I even contacted the owner of nintendo-switch-forums.com, never got a word back, so I waited for it to be expired. So, no its not the same owner(s).
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  14. Nintendo X

    I am me!

    Welcome to SwitchForum.com! :D Hopefully you take part of this small, but growing Switch community!
  15. Nintendo X

    How did you find SwitchForum?

    I'm happy that part of the site is working as intended! :)
  16. Nintendo X

    I've now purged the user database of zero posters. If you register expecting to spam, i will ban...

    I've now purged the user database of zero posters. If you register expecting to spam, i will ban your account.
  17. Nintendo X

    New OLED model for Nintendo Switch Announced

    After many years, and many months of rumors, and speculation, Nintendo announced a new model for the Nintendo Switch called the "OLED Model." For many years, there were rumors and speculation on a supposed "Switch Pro" console. All those rumors, speculation, and hype led to this morning's...
  18. Nintendo X

    Kazuya Mishima in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Livestream

    During the latest Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo announced Kazuya Mishima as a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. Mr. Sakurai said he'd do a deep-dive to talk about Kazuya's gameplay in a livestream...
  19. Nintendo X


    Welcome to SwitchForum.com! :)
  20. Nintendo X

    Help with account setup.

    Nope. You need a new account for each Nintendo Switch. So the mom is going to have to create this account. Once she is old enough, you'll need to create a new account for THAT time. So, my suggestion? Just create this new admin account.