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    Nintendo Halts 3DS production

    I'm unfortunately not a big fan of many games on the 3DS. I missed a lot of games completely, for sure. But in general I just felt it was heavily RPG focused and didn't have much in the way of good action titles for me (besides some old arcade style shooters, would've liked more modern games)...
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    New Switch: Heat Sink Issue?

    I can't be of much help but I hate to see this go un-replied to. Here's a photo of my seitch heatsink. Mine is slightly crooked (to my eye) but not quite as much as your admittedly. I've had mine since September 2019 with no issues. I would definitely contact Nintendo support with the...
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    How did you find SwitchForum?

    I typed in nintendo-switch-forums.com since I revisited the 3DS Forums for the first time in 10 years, and found it was halted, with a thread claiming that domain was snagged for the upcoming console release. Not sure if this forum is the same people or not though?
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    My Introduction: SleepyGuyy

    I am a returning member from the 3DS Forums (aswell as the WiiU one and one other one I forgot the name of). Sorry it took me.... 10 years? Currently I play games on PC and Switch. I recently got a GenkiShadowcast so I can capture my Switch footage and stream to Twitch (username sadnehs). I...