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  1. Crow_Black

    Neir: PS3/Xbox 360 game

    played it on my ps3 and it was so much fun
  2. Crow_Black

    How long have YOU been gaming?

    all of my life basically
  3. Crow_Black

    3ds vs PSVita

    got both and i like them in equal measure
  4. Crow_Black

    Multiple Copies?

    i've got the jp and the English version of twewy on the ds and the switch copy as well.
  5. Crow_Black

    Does anyone remember Pokemon Pinball?

    yeah i heard about that lol.
  6. Crow_Black

    Do you still go to Arcades?

    sadly none in my area
  7. Crow_Black

    sony vs microsoft

    sony for me preferably
  8. Crow_Black

    Is the Nintendo 64 still worth getting?

    lot of people collect it even this year.
  9. Crow_Black

    Best Decade of Games?

    its the 90s easily
  10. Crow_Black

    Best SEGA games excluding Sonic?

  11. Crow_Black

    Old school gamer alive and here!

    late welcome to the fourms
  12. Crow_Black

    Old-School Import Games

    soma bringer i guess you can call old school now lol.
  13. Crow_Black

    Does E3 Matter Anymore?

    never did in the first place
  14. Crow_Black

    What does your name mean?

    Crow as in the graphic novel black as in my favorite color
  15. Crow_Black


    I'm new here but its nice to meet you guys. :)