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  1. Friik

    Gym Legends

    Think about this, Imagine PKMN were real and you had your own Gym to run. What type of Gym Leader would you be? Specifically: What type of PKMN would you use to defend your Gym and what would the name of your Badge be that you would hand out if defeated. I'd go with a Poison type arsenal, just...
  2. Friik

    Kart Customization

    What current parts do you have on your own kart right now? This is when I'm using Rosalina: For the body frame of the Kart I have the Birthday Girl piece. I use the Roller tires for the wheels. (Those are godly for me) :G I don't mind the Glider attachment, so I just have the standard one. I...
  3. Friik

    Favorite Unlockable Character

    Who is the best unlockable character so far? I prefer 3 of the returning characters, but more specifically Rosalina. She falls somewhere between kind of a Heavy character but not so much like in MKWii. I find her steady for me compared to the others I use. I also have my eye on one of the...
  4. Friik

    MKWii Stage Hazards

    What is the worst stage hazard in MKWii? Or at least the one that annoys you the most while racing. There are a few that bother me in the game, but none more than those Sand Crabs on GBA Shyguy Beach. They always manage to run up and hit my vehicle, they're tricky sometimes, it looks like...
  5. Friik

    Online Perks

    What Perks do you currently have on your player for online play? Right now I have: Scavenger Pro Warlord Pro and Second Chance Pro That Second Chance Perk has saved me a couple of times. (Y) Yours?
  6. Friik

    Best/Worst Online Map

    What map is your favorite to shoot it out on? I like using large maps mostly, like The Jungle. That place is great for blending into the sorroundings. Sneak attacks are certain all the time there. (Y) The worst map I available for me is The Summit. Everyone always stays near the entrance...
  7. Friik

    DSi Ware Games

    What games have you downloaded onto your DSi console? Favorites? I actually haven't downloaded any yet since I bought the system on it's release date. Even though it came with 1,000 free points, I don't see anything I like. :odd:
  8. Friik

    SSBB Snapshots

    Post any snapshots from within your game. ANY!!!!
  9. Friik

    VR/BR Points

    What are your current VR/BR points for the online mode? My VR is at around 8600 still, my BR is at around 6600. Haven't played online in some time, so it's pretty much the same since I last checked.
  10. Friik

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Zombies)

    What do you think about the Zombie Mode in this one? How long have you lasted against them, (# Of Rounds) Discuss everything about Zombies!!! This is the first time I've actually played Zombie Mode in a Call Of Duty game, good stuff. I find it funny mostly because of the character you control...
  11. Friik

    PKMN Black & White Starters

    So, who did begin with in your Black and/or White Version? I choose the Grass type. I restarted the game a couple of times just to get a female version. (Y)
  12. Friik

    Town Names

    What name did you decide to give to your town when you started? Or what are some good names for the town. I found it difficult to decide on one when I began, plus the 8 letter limit only added more to the problem. :confused2: I just named it XGP15A-2 HUH????? What did you come up with or are...
  13. Friik

    Post Your Flipnote Hatena Animations

    The Flipnote Hatena Studio is a great app that has been on the DSi for a long time, it let's you create your own animations and then upload them to the web where others can view them. I was wondering if anyone has made any of their own animations using that software. I really haven't gotten...
  14. Friik

    Hardest Boss You've Faced

    What is one of the hardest boss battles you've had on an old school console? (NES, SNES, GB, GBC, Sega Consoles, PS1, N64) Hardest boss battle I've encountered was in an RPG named Legend Of Legaia for the PS1, It was a secret boss named Lapis, which you could fight near the end of the game. It...
  15. Friik

    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Donkey Kong returns along with Diddy to their classic side-scrolling roots. (Y) Any thoughts on this game? It's an excellent game, it really revives the old SNES style gameplay. It's one of the better games compared to the ones on the GC. There's a massive amount of levels to explore, I really...
  16. Friik

    Favorite Sega Console

    Best one for me has to be the Sega Genesis. Introduced Sonic The Hedgehog and got hooked ever since. It had many other good games like: Streets Of Rage Revenge Of Shinobi Arrow Flash Vectorman I did also get a chance to play a Sega Saturn but not enough. Yours?
  17. Friik

    Subspace Emissary

    It was a terrible mode on SSBB. It took the fun out of unlocking the hidden characters, it was too simple. They should have kept an Adventure Mode similar to Melee. It did have a few good moments sure, like those boss battles such as Meta Ridley, Duon and Tabuu. Thoughts?
  18. Friik

    Course Discussion #2: Coconut Mall

    One the best new tracks added to MKWii. It can be anyone's race in this course, it's filled with many alternate routes, few shorcuts and stage hazards. Always have to keep your eyes open for those stairways, as they shift every lap, could cost you time, even the race. You don't want to get stuck...
  19. Friik

    Best Gym Leader

    Who is your favorite Gym Leader from the PKMN series. I'd go with Sabrina. She's serious business with her Psychic PKMN. Plus she's got that stare, at least her old classic version did. Different now. Your Gym Leader?
  20. Friik

    Who Are You?

    ***Title Change*** Post a picture of yourself. Simple. This isn't recent, but it's the last picture I ever took. Haven't had another since.