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  1. D

    Super Mario 3D All Stars Thread

    Hi there, this is just a thread about Super Mario 3D All Stars. I want to learn what other people think about the game. Personally, i think its great. it could have been remastered a bit better (better graphics etc.) but other than that i think its great. I have played a lot of mario 64 and a...
  2. D

    Nintendo Switch price?

    Hello, sorry if I’ve put this in the wrong area it’s my first time using this site. I was wondering what would be a fair price for a pre-owned Nintendo Switch console pre owned with all parts and has animal crossing new horizons plus super mario odessey with it. Thanks in advance! Also just to...
  3. Maxxine

    Hi newbie here!

    Hi my name is maxine I'm 33 and from England I'm looking for friends to game with my fc is SW-5245-5591-7225 if you would like to add me feel free :)
  4. Nintendo X

    Official Thread Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    Name: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Release Date: November 2019 Genre: Sports Developer: Publisher: Nintendo