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AC:NL - Looking for stuff!

Azriel Delacroix

Verified Member
AN:NL - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I have a bunch of stuff from Fortune Cookies that I don't want at all. You can have it all, for free.

Or for the interest of trade (trading me is optional but is appreciated a lot), I am looking for the:


Hero's Hat/Cap

Hero's Shirt

Hero's Boots/Shoes

Varia Suit/Shirt

Here's what I got:

1-Up x1

Bill Blaster x1

Block x1

Fire Bar x1

Mushroom Mural x2

Pikmin x1

Power Star x1

Toad Hat x1

Triforce x1

So ya know, message me to swap FCs if you want free stuff.


Active Member
Verified Member
I got the goods ya want. But I'm not trading for them; I already got all the stuff your 'giving away' & (or) offering for trade anyway. What I want is simple: I want to see the town that Azriel made. That's the deal & you won't get the goods until I see your town.

You want my fc? It's under my username. You want some bellage? I can give ya a nice big 99,000 bag for the privilege of my visiting yer humble abode (I'll even pay to see your house). ;3 Just shoot me a PM with your friend code & I'll add ya back. ^^V
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