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ACCF Hints/Tips


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Got any Hints/Tips for ACCF?

Post Em' Here!!

House Upgrades
19,800 Bells--New House
120,000 Bells--1st Expansion
248,000 Bells--2nd Expansion(full main room)
368,000 Bells--2nd Floor
598,000 Bells--Basement


(Tips/Hints on Bell-Making coming soon)

Easy Bells/Items

Send a Native Fruit(whatever your town starts with) to each of your neighbors in a letter with the word "Fruit" in it--and they'll eventually send you back a different fruit, a piece of furniture, OR a shirt.

Non-Native Fruit sell for 500 Bells a pop--a Pocket full of fruit(all 15 spots) will get you 7,500 Bells

Nook's Upgrades
Nook's Cranny-to-Nook N'Go: Spend 25,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny--Wait 1 Week

Nook N'Go-to-Nookway: Spend 90,000 Bells--wait 2 Weeks after last upgrade
Nookway-to-Nookington's: Spend 250,000 Bells--Wait 3 Weeks after last Upgrade

Nookington's has 2 floors--1st has Equipment, Plants/Flowers, Medicine, and Paper
2nd Floor has Furniture, Wallpaper/Flooring and Roof Paint


The Following Items will reward you 7,777 Points on your H.R.A review each week(or as long as they are IN your house--not in storage)

Arwing(from Star Fox)---Purchase @ Nook's
Dracaena---@ Nook's
Ivory Piano---@ Nook's
Jack In The Box---Available ONLY on Halloween--get from Jack
Lafty Lucky Cat---@ Redd's
Lovely Phone---Gift from Katie and Kaitlyn
Lucky Black Cat---@ Redd's
Lucky Cat---@ Nook's
Lucky Gold Cat---@ Nook's
Master Sword(from TLoZ)---@ Nook's
Music Box---Gift from Katie and Kaitlyn
Piggy Bank--Gift from ABD when Bank balance in 10,000,000 Bells
Raccoon Figure--@ Redd's
Samurai Chest---@ Nook's
Treasure Chest---@ Nook's
Triforce(from TLoZ)---@ Redd's
Washer/Dryer---@ Redd's


To recieve the following items--you must reach the specific balance of Bells in your bank account

Shopping Card---10,000 Bells
Box of Tissues---100,000 Bells
Gold Card---1,000,000
Piggy Bank---10,000,000
Green Feather---100 Million
Blue Feather---200 Million
Yellow Feather---300 Million
Red Feather---400 Million
Purple Feather---500 Million
White Feather---600 Million
Rainbow Feather---700 Million

(I'll be updating this thread with Tips from time-to-time)

More Hints/Tips

Buried Treasure!!

Everyday in your town there will be 3 Fossils and 1 Pitfall buried in your town.

Using a Shovel(purchase at Nooks), you dig them up (EACH is marked with an "X" on the ground).

Along with Fossils and Pitfalls, there are Gyroids--little robots/droids that make noise, while dancing.
Gyroids appear the day AFTER it's Rained or Snowed in your town--

There will be 3 buried in your town, along with the 3 Fossils and 1 Pitfall.

Take ANY Un-Identfied Fossils to Blathers in your Town's Museum, he'll identify them for you.
If your Museum doesn't have that specific fossil in it's Collection, Blathers will ask if you'd like to donate it to the museum.

If you say yes, he'll take it--and it'll be added to the Fossil room--(2nd Right door)
--if you don't let him add it to the Museum, you can sell them at Nooks for a specific amount of Bells (Ranging from 1500-6000).

Gyroids can be kept in your house, stored in your cupboard/closet(in-house storage furniture)--OR you can take them to Brewster, in the Cafe.(1st Left inside Museum)

If you drink 7 cups of coffee--1 cup/per day for a week--you can have Brewster store them in his Storage Room--
You can get them back at ANY time...this is just a nice way to clear space in your house.

OR you can sell the Gyroids at Nooks for 828 Bells each.

MORE Easy Bells

Here's a few more ways to make EASY Bells:

Collect Shells from the beach, Each shell has a specific price when sold at Nooks:
Conch: 350 bells
Coral: 450
Dall's Top: 90
Porceletta: 30
Pearl Oyster: 1200
Sand Dollar: 60
Scallop: 600
Venus Comb: 150
White Scallop: 450

Money Rock/Trees

Each day in your town, there will be a Money Rock--One of the 6 rocks, if hit with a shovel, will spit out Bells.

If you time it right, and are quick, you can get 8100 Bells(100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000)

You can also shake Trees in your town--and occasionally a 100 Bells coin will fall out, OR a piece of Furniture (a Leaf)--

HAZARD: You may ALSO shake down a Bee Hive---if you can quickly equip your Net, try to catch them (yes, you can--and they sell for 2500 bells)--OR just try to quickly enter someones house, or another building.

--To "turn off" the Bees--open your Gates--and you'll be free to shake the Trees without fear.

(If you get stung, buy Medicine from Nooks--OR just Save and Quit--you'll be fine when you come back to the game later.


Town Improvements:

To add to your towns look, you can donate Bells to the "Town Fund" at Town Hall.

By Donating the specific amount, you will recieve one of the following structures:

Bridge--200,000 Bells
(Built across a section of the River in your Town--all "Residents"(however many Accounts you have in the game) get to vote WHERE the Bridge will be built)
(Built infront of the Bus Stop, infront of the Gate)
Windmill OR Lighthouse--1,000,000
(You can only have ONE or the OTHER--to change to the other, you'll need to donate ANOTHER 1,000,000 Bells. Built somewhere along the Coast in your Town)

Been away from your town for A LONG time??

Don't want to worry about Neighbors being gone, or weeds, dead flowers, etc.?

Then Time-Travel back to the LAST day you played, and do a "Speed Run" through EACH day between your last Game day, and the current date(or whenever you want).

Just play each day in between for a few minutes(ideally just to get the days' Fossils, Gyroids, and Money Rock)--and even the occasional "Showcase" item at Nooks or Redds if you feel like it.


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There are many different sets of Seasonal or Holiday Furniture available at certain times of years.

Spooky Items
Starting the 1st of October, you can buy one piece of Candy a day at Nooks.
(This is the easiest way to stock up before the Holiday)

On Halloween (October 31st), after 6 PM, you'll need to find JACK, the King of Halloween.
The "trick" is ALL your neighbors put on their "Costumes"--each one wearing an identical Pumpkin Head--looking like Jack.

Be careful when walking around town, cause your neighbors are looking for Candy as well.

If one follows you, and interrupts your walk--they'll ask for Candy.
If you say "NO" to their question, they'll "TRICK" you can take a piece anyway--and give you a Jack-In-The-Box (which is a "LUCKY" item--and is worth 1,031 Bells each).

Jack is relatively easy to find--he'll be the ONE person around town NOT following you.

If you ever find yourself OUT of Candy--you can "Trick-Or-Treat" at Neighbors houses that are still home--but ONLY if you're wearing a "Costume" (any combination of Hat/Accessory/Shirt).

It may take a while, but eventually you should get all 12 pieces of "Spooky" furniture.

Spooky Bed
Spooky Bookcase
Spooky Chair
Spooky Clock
Spooky Dresser
Spooky Lamp
Spooky Sofa
Spooky Table
Spooky Vanity
Spooky Wardrobe
Spooky Wall
Spooky Carpet

--Each SPARE Item sells for 10,310 Bells @ Nooks (Great way to make EASY Bells)


Harvest Items

On Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November)--its the "Harvest Festival".
You'll see Mayor Tortimer outside Town Hall--talk to him, and he'll eventually give you a Fork and Knife--you can get as many as you want, but only one at a time, and you'll have to "give" one away before you can get another.

You can rather give them to a Neighbor, who'll give you a hint to where Franklin the Turkey was last seen.

Franklin will usually be hiding behind a Tree, Sign, or Building.

Give him a Fork and Knife--he'll beg you NOT to eat him--and in exchange he'll give you a piece of Harvest Furniture.

Harvest Clock
Harvest Lamp
Harvest TV
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Chair
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Mirror
Harvest Bureau
Harvest Table
Harvest Bed
Harvest Sofa
Harvest Rug
Harvest Wall

--Each SPARE will sell for 3,333 Bells at Nooks


Snowman Items

Starting the 11th of December--the official start of the Snowy season--you'll see Snowballs on the ground.

Roll them until they're the right size--and stack the smaller one ontop of the bigger one, by pushing them together.

The TOP snowball will have to be 2/3rds the size of the BOTTOM:

--Roll the Snowballs in a patch of snow, until they start to get larger.
If one's across a Bridge, you'll need to find a patch of snow to roll it in, once you're able to "hold" it, and roll--roll it across the bridge.
Try to get BOTH Snowballs in the same area--not ONLY to make a Snowman--but just so you can move both to a patch of snow if needed.
ONCE you have the RIGHT size of the Snowballs, you need to push the SMALLER Snowball into the LARGER--and they'll pop together.

IF you built it right, the Snowman will thank you--and give you Praise.
If it's too small/large, or you accidently stacked the LARGER Snowball on top of the SMALL one--it'll be upside-down :laugh2:

If you DID make the "Perfect" snowman--he'll send you a piece of Snowman Furniture in the Mail.

Snowman Bed
Snowman Dresser
Snowman Wardrobe
Snowman Sofa
Snowman Chair
Snowman Table
Snowman TV
Snowman Clock
Snowman Lamp
Snowman Fridge
Snowman Wall
Snowman Carpet

--The Snowman might ALSO send you a "Snowman" which you can put in your house.
--If you mess up, you CAN "Time-Travel" to repeat the day--and get a 2nd chance at making the Perfect Snowman
--EACH Spare piece sells for 8,888 Bells


Jingle Series

On Christmas Eve, December 24th, from 8 PM-to-12 AM, you can go into Neighbors houses--when they're NOT home, and try to find Jingle the Reindeer.
Sometimes he'll be wandering around Town(typically near other peoples Houses).

He'll chat with you, and ask if you'd like a Present.

"Something You Can Lean Against?"
"Something You Can Stand On?"

answer EITHER one, and he'll ask if you'd like:

"Something You Can Stand On" (OR) "...Lean Against?
(reply the same as the first question to get the Wallpaper OR Flooring respectively)
--reply with "Huge Things" to get a piece of Furniture.
In order to keep getting presents, and thusly finish getting the ENTIRE Set, you'll need to change rather your Hat, Accessory(Glasses, Masks, Helmets, etc) OR you can wear a Mii Mask(but only once)--You CAN wear combinations of each--just make sure to change atleas ONE piece each time, or he won't give you anything.
Jingle Set:
Jingle Bed
Jingle Dresser
Jingle Wardrobe
Jingle Sofa
Jingle Shelves
Jingle Table
Jingle Chair
Jingle Piano
Jingle Clock
Jingle Lamp
Jingle Wall
Jingle Carpet

--Spares can be sold at Nooks for 12,240 Bells each.

Easy bells. (Works)
Have you ever put bells into your ABD account?
Have you ever gotten a letter which shows you how much you've earned in interest?
Have you ever thought- "How would i get more?!"?
Well, here's (kinda) how...

Put 10 thousand or more bells into your account.
Go to Wii Menu, go to calender settings, set date for - 1/1/35 (I think thats the last year in the calender...)
Go back to game
Set date to - 1/1/00 (begining of 21st century)
Go to game.
Go back to Wii Menu and set the calender to what you set your Animal Crossing date to - 1/1/00
Go back to game, set date, 1/1/35
(notice pattern?)

It should work. Sometimes at first it wont work... But give it a few tries and you'll get a letter saying you received 99 thousand bells :)

Do it alot and your sum will rise!

Good luck :)
I tried it once, changed the date to 1/1/35 but nothing happened, so I went back to 1/1/00 and started changing it month by month (because you get something like 0.5% interest per month) then got tired of that after like 6 months xd

And OhMyGod did the town look dirty 2035, instead of snow covering the ground it looked more like mud =O

I'm not changing the date only because I want to meet Phineas, and I want new Emotions, and try out the Auction thingy, that's about it. I read they don't work/change/appear if you time travel.

Grrr me wants to go back to Festivale, me has complete look now!


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I was wondering. how do I get to Redd's? Something about an 'invitation' was mentioned.


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Phoenix said:
I was wondering. how do I get to Redd's? Something about an 'invitation' was mentioned.
Yea one of the Folk in your town has to send you an invite that you open and keep when going to the city. That or get a friend who still plays ACCF to send you an invite to Red's place in the city. It's not free to join though; it costs 30k (30,000) in bells for you to be able to join his little 'family'.


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queenzelda said:
It's not free to join though; it costs 30k (30,000) in bells for you to be able to join his little 'family'.
I'm pretty sure the fee is 3,000 bells, not 30,000.


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jvgsjeff said:
I'm pretty sure the fee is 3,000 bells, not 30,000.
Yea.. ^JVGS's right as it's been a while since I've had to get into Red's place in the city for a while now.. XD

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