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Affected by the dreaded joycon drift? Tell me about your experience


New Member
Hello all,

Every switch user is familiar with dreaded joy-con drift. It either affects us or someone we know.

I'm collecting some information on the extent of the annoyance caused by the joycon drift, and how people have attempted to fix it.

It's a quick, completely anonymous survey. I won't be taking any of your personal data. I only want your thoughts.

Here's the link: https://forms.gle/zet7Lh48RP9Pqqkn9

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!


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I filled it out. For me it was just easier to buy a new controller; until I got the drift on that controller. So I had to tare it down & fix it. It's starting to get drift again about 2 month's later, this is constantly going to be a problem that will probably never go away.

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