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Any Magic Christians 'ere?


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There's this hopeful game that needs our support
It has until May 6th to not only reach it's goal of $6,000 (reason being it's main platforms are iOS and Andorid) but also reach it's $20,000 Switch stretch goal
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1997496052/super-plexis/ <- here's the link

for those concerned about the Switch stretch goal, here's their words on the Switch version from the FAQ
"Unlike the mobile versions which are free-to-play, Super Plexis on the Switch will be a fully-featured retail release on the Nintendo eShop. The game will be redesigned from the ground up to accommodate the new hardware, control schemes, and screen resolution of the Switch. Instead of a touch screen, players will use the Joy Con or Pro Controller to swap blocks in a truly classic console puzzle game experience. Local and online multiplayer will also be featured with a planned 2-4 players supported. Adventure mode will be upgraded to feature character-based exploration on a world map, rendered in the classic “Mode 7” style straight from the 16-bit era. The shop will also return as means to unlock bonus content, but rebalanced for the console. There are no paid micro-transactions in the Switch version, and updates will be free."

So go and make this happen!

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