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Best Decade of Games?

Best Decade of Games??

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What Decade has had the BEST Video Games?

This'll probably turn into a heated argument, so keep it to a "mini-rant" if at all possible, and PM's/Profile Comments if needed

the ENTIRE Decade was great--from the NES-to-N64...

Not to mention the "Video Game Wars", and it was the LAST decade of REAL Arcade games...


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The 90's.
A lot of MegaMan in that decade:

MegaMan X-X3
MegaMan 7
MegaMan 8
MegaMan X4

Plus many other great SNES games, not to mention the Sega Genesis with all it's Sonic The Hedgehog.

Azriel Delacroix

Verified Member
Video games can trace their origins to a device called NIM, which was an analogue machine built around 1941-1942 that had the player play against a computer in the Chinese game of NIM using mechanical parts. It was the first video game ever created. It had an article published for it by Professor Raymond Redheffer from M.I.T in 1948, and it was presented to the world in 1978.

That being said, I believe the "Best Decade" for video games is in fact, all of them. From 1940 to the Current :D


New Member
It's too hard to choose just one decade so if everyone else can get away with saying all of them, so can I. :3
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