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Best SEGA games excluding Sonic?


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Of course, Sonic is easily the most popular and recognizable SEGA ever, but what about SEGA's other games? Do you have any other favorite games by SEGA?

My favorites include:
Fantasy Zone
Alex Kidd
Wonder Boy
Virtua Fighter


Probably the FIRST "Soul Calibur" on Dreamcast by NAMCO--one of the best fighters in Gaming history, and the game that gave alot of Gamecube owners a chance to get the Sequel (SC II)


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Streets Of Rage
Vectorman (Reminds Me Of MegaMan) (Y)
Golden Axe (Good one)
Revenge Of Shinobi


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Friik said:
Streets Of Rage
Vectorman (Reminds Me Of MegaMan) (Y)
Golden Axe (Good one)
Revenge Of Shinobi

Oh man, I forgot Vectorman! That game was incredibly underrated. Nice to see it on various SEGA collection disks though =) Golden Axe was pretty good, too. I swear the final boss is impossible, though!


there really aren't a whole lot of SEGA games I've played...
aside from SONIC, or some 3rd-Party ones...like NBA Jam, or Shaq-Fu(okay...that sucked), but you get my point

Oh...MORTAL KOMBAT--the series that spawned the ESRB
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