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Big Rigs Over The Road Racing


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People usually bring up something like the Atari 2600's E.T. or Superman 64 as their vote for the worst video game of all time.

In my own opinion, the likes of Superman 64 is worse than the Atari 2600's E.T., and this Big Rigs' game is even worse than that!

Despite its infamous reputation, the Atari 2600's E.T. game is much more of a complete, playable, and somewhat entertaining game than Superman 64 or Big Rigs. (Whilst hardly a great game, the Atari 2600's E.T. game is far from being the worst video game of all time!)

E.T.'s major issues were simply placing the pits too close to the screen edges (making falling into the pits too frequent and frustrating of an issue), making levitation too tedious (making escaping the pits too frustrating of an experience), and not adequately explaining how to play the game to its users. People often claim that E.T. is "broken and unplayable," but in truth they really just don't know how to play it and were unwilling to learn and give it a proper chance.

Superman 64's issues are more egregious, as it isn't just a completed game that people don't actually know how to play and don't give a fair chance: the game-play is so unyieldly that it is virtually unplayable and should not have passed the basic testing stage before being released!

Big Rigs' issues are more plentiful and serious than even that. A racing game in which your opponent cannot move, the player passes through any and all objects, and the player can exceed Warp 10 when in reverse is clearly far less complete and is by no means market ready! (Unless the game's plot was that you're playing a big rig's ghost, not beholden to the physical laws of corporeal spacetime--which as far as I understand wasn't the case!) Unlike the Atari 2600's E.T. game, Big Rigs actually is literally broken and unplayable!

So, given the above, I believe that the comparison between these games goes beyond a mere matter of subjective taste: Big Rigs is objectively a worse game than Superman 64, which is itself objectively a worse game the Atari 2600's E.T.!

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