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Button mapping/switching


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Ok so basically it reaaaaaaallyy annoys me that the “enter/accept” button which is always A or X on any console and it’s always the button at the bottom of the four buttons whether it’s Xbox or PlayStation. Now Nintendo have to awkward and put it on the side so whenever I want to accept something it cancels it because I hit B because B is where A is suppose to be.
To fix this we can just use the custom button mapping but then I’d get confused because the game would say for example press A to jump and I’d hit the physical A button but because the buttons are switched with button mapping I’d actually be hitting the theoretical B button so I’d want to take the joy con apart to switch the A and B buttons around and it just occurred to me when I watched a video of a tear down on the left joy con that the arrow buttons had groves in the buttons so now I’m wondering if it’s even possible that the physical A and B buttons can be taken out and switched around?

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