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Chrono Trigger Crimson Echo's -kinda playthrough


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*NOTE: I say that this is a 'kind of play though' as I'm not going to be screen capturing the whole game; that's nuts. I plan to screen cap just enough to be able to talk about my playing this title though. :3

Being new to emulator gaming it took a few tries before I was able to figure out how to finally get the game to work on my netbook; but it started to work great after I had set up the control scheme for the game on my PC. But this is my first experience with an emulated game. :3 Ok now onto some stuff I screen captured of my playing this 'game' and already my head hurts.. D: (I'll post more as I play through the game.)


First off: Crono (who I named 'Eran') is a MUTE! He doesn't SPEAK.. And yet as you can see.. *face palms self* He's speaking with Marle.. -_-


Hehe meeting are boring Crono.. (Btw: I named Marle; Marin) But no seriously Crono isn't a kid! I'd be one to think he's worried about why they're still living with his mom; they got married in the PSX and DS version (good ending) so um.. Explanations plz? -_-


In the original game if you bug Crono's mom she eventually gives Crono some money. But does that happen here? Hellz no! *sigh* -_- Crono's mom denies your shaggy arse some coinage! xD


Ok so the area there filled with monsters inside that forest area magically moved in under the span of one game? Wow Lavos sucks major arse if he was able to pull this crap off. o_O


Well at least they remembered to keep Fiona's Forest in tact in the game. Ok; now to head in..


*Sighs even deeper* Come on now seriously; is this really a fan made game? I want cold hard evidence! I call foul!

Eh screw it I'm heading back to Guarida Castle. *Heads into the castle*


Ok let's go and check out Marle's room. For those of you uninitiated; just head to the left of the screen here.. :D


Say WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Oh come on! Just because Crono and crew blew up the bridge leading into the prison is no reason to turn Marle's bed room into the 'new prison area' that's just mean! You big jerk! :rage:

Else where in la la land..


While in the original game the prison's real location was just up the stairs to the right there; just behind Marle...

*Sighs deeply*

....Come on some one tell me this is a huge joke and it's really a huge laugh that some gamers are having at us h-core Chrono Trigger fans. What's that you say? It's seriously a fan made game? *sigh* *Grabs head and shakes it in disdain.*

So far I'm unimpressed with it. I mean yea I'll play it cause I'm a h-core CT fan.. But some things should still be stuck to.. And come on they even got where the prison was located from the original source material incorrect! I know that I'm nit picking here but I'm allowed to; being a huge CT fan I'm sure other CT fans will nit pick it worse then I just have! *Sigh*

-This next screen cap was the first screen cap I made before making a new file for myself with out getting the chance to be able to rename Crono-



I have a feeling this is going to be one long game............................... -_-


Welp looks like the two deuces have arrived. Yey for that I suppose.. :wacky:


One guy introduces himself as Ingrus.. Ok wait.. Just who the frack is Ingrus? This guy wasn't in Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross at all. -_-

Ugh.. Just get me past this scene already. Reads some more bull crap how these guys are after three things; one being the sun stone.. Another is their wanting access to Fionna's Forest.. And the third is a blank, ya don't care moving on.. When the 'horse' guard speaks in all caps asking to be excused. Wait what? I thought he was horse from yelling as explained in a scene earlier? *Sighs* What ever lets move on...


Hmmmmmmmmmm.. I think I'll go with the first choice given to me here.. -_-


Ha, suck it King! :p

So yea after that the group decides to follow after those two bozo's. Not that I blame them, and after they leave.. Guess who shows up! -Spoiler alert!-


So after that scene; your made to follow Crono and their crew who run after the two 'dignitaries' down to the basement where there in the original Chrono Trigger the rainbow shell was kept. As the group over hears these two bozo's plotting...


Wait what? It's an assassination attempt; who saw that coming? Oh wait it was me. :p

And then... Dun dun dun!

XD Oh come on now the Chancellor is a pussy cat. *awesome face* :woot:

-tbc :O -As soon as I upload more screen caps.- :cat:


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Um.... I kind of wonder why these two haven't noticed that some one might be listening in on them by the time the above scene comes up.. -_- xp

And then of course Crono and crew once they heard enough move in to question these bozo's..


Ok... Wow.. Here these guys are talking about killing off Marle's dad and there's no emotion shown here. Wow.. Just wow.. -_-


HA! Good luck with that, as many bad guys have all tried and all have failed. >:3

Thus when the time is right Crono makes his move and slices the guy with his sword; as Queen (aka: Lucca) states how awesome she is in this next scene:


After that the caps lock guy runs off; running into Lucca (who I named Queen for the playthrough) and the group goes running after him onto Zenan Bridge. Where there the group takes a minute to catch their breath:


<.< Crono.... Is... Still....A....MUTE. >.> -breathes in and out- Ok I've let it go.. For now.

To make a long story short the group follows the (robot a duh) guy towards what looks like a mountain location where there the group is told by Lucca (Queen) that her time egg (which was also used in the first game) is acting funny after getting it back from the guy who ran off, ran back grabbed the egg.. And then Lucca shot at the guy; who dropped it as she was able to get it back; but it starts to spark and fizzle.


She tells the group that she's been creating a time egg with the help of Melchior but isn't too sure how powerful it is.. (Eh he)


And thus warns every one that it's probably going to 'blow' soon. Meaning; explode. Of course it does and Marle (Marin), Crono (Eran), and Lucca (Queen) are all sent forwards to Robo's time period.

There's a scene with Keno and Ayla; with Keno telling Ayla to run and get away while he fights the monsters off. Then another scene with Frog who goes to get the Masamune from a cave it was sealed in as a soilder comes to tell him the King has sent for him & they walk off screen.

Eventually there's a scene where Crono and crew are dropped off into the future; right at the spot where Robo is doing some research (apparently) with Belthasah; who approaches them..


The scene then changes to the intro; or what passes as an intro for this title. <.< *Sigh*


-More to come as I take more screen caps- Yey. ;3

Thomas Ennis

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Way to go! Chrono Trigger is one of the finest RPGs ever made. The story was amazingly well thought out, and ground breaking. Traveling back in time to change events in both modern times, and the future, is a concept that I had never seen in a game. This thread makes me want to play the game again!


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Well, you are aware that CT: Chrimson Echo's is a fan made game that 'tells the story of what happens leading from CT up to Crono Cross'; right? And as a fan game impo, it's kinda.. Sorta.. Bad impo, I wasn't able to finish playing it cause it's so badly written.. -_-

Yami Yugi

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I thought you got a bit further then what you posted; unless I'm dreaming it. XD If so; sorry.. ^~^; I can tell this is a fan made game because the real one had a much better story.. So far the fan made one seems to make no sense... :/

Azriel Delacroix

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Fan Made Games are rarely any good Queen, it's to be expected. Seeing as how it's failed to impress a hardcore fan like yourself is evidence enough that this really is a fan game.


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Yami Yugi said:
I thought you got a bit further then what you posted; unless I'm dreaming it. XD If so; sorry.. ^~^; I can tell this is a fan made game because the real one had a much better story.. So far the fan made one seems to make no sense... :/
Yea I got about as far as being able to control Megus & you had to make your way (controlling Megus) to Dalton's fort & there was this lame scene with Dalton which of course I blew past & then made my way there. Once inside his fort it got ridiculous to try to figure out how to get through his fort to where ever it was that you were supposed to get to with Megus at any rate.. Which btw; was never made apparent WHAT exactly Megus was doing heading to Dalton's fort anyway. Idk maybe he was going to Dalton's fort to see if he could borrow some sugar; who knows who cares I gave up after that. x-X

Azriel Delacroix said:
Fan Made Games are rarely any good Queen, it's to be expected. Seeing as how it's failed to impress a hardcore fan like yourself is evidence enough that this really is a fan game.
Maybe; but I for one would have thought that a fan made game would have been BETTER then this one so as to at the very least get other gamers interested in the SOURCE material. If anything the fan game made me want to boot up my PS1 & play Chrono Trigger all the worse cause it's so bad. -_-

Yami Yugi

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Well maybe it's supposed to be bad so that the source material looks better by comparison? Still yea; you would think that a fan made game would at least make some amount of sense but then again there are a lot of bad fan fictions writers; so that could be the reason why the fan game was so bad. ^~^;

Thomas Ennis

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Nice job! Chrono Trigger is a classic. I still think about that game today, and may have to dig it up and give it another round. I don't remember it being particularly hard though, with the exception of 1 or 2 bosses.


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Fan Made Games are rarely any good Queen, it's to be expected. Seeing as how it's failed to impress a hardcore fan like yourself is evidence enough that this really is a fan game.

Surely you can't mean to include game mods in that statement?! Did you know that Counter-Strike and Team Fortress both started out as Half Life mods? Now they are some of Valve's most popular games.


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Well we might be waiting a while until he is back to know for sure :shifty:

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