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Creepypasta: Animal Crossing New Leaf (story & idea by me)


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The curse of the refurbished furniture item.

When I started my Animal Crossing New Leaf file; I never thought that the Retail store would be something that I would come to hate or even loathe. I at first loved the idea of Retail; being able to go there & sell Reese your goods. Anything you didn't want you could just sell straight to her. But then.. I found out about the 'flea market' option. That is when my story of true terror started. It all began innocently enough; by putting a juicy-apple clock up for sale. I had just had it refurbished by Cyrus to a juicy green apple clock. I noticed that one of my animal folk; a new one named Frank who had just moved into my town spotted it & asked me if it was ok to buy it. I told him to buy it; & he did so.. At the time; about a week ago the whole process seemed to work out great. I could sell my items at the flea market & if one of the folk saw something they wanted I could encourage them to purchase it and make a nice amount of bellage in the process. The problem I found with this idea; came about a good couple of days later.. Even now; this is still an on going problem for me.. I'll do my best to explain the details of everything that happened but for now.. Head my warning.. DO NOT EVER SELL A REFURBISHED FURNITURE ITEM AFTER MIDNIGHT! EVER! Don't say I didn't warn you if you do. Because so far after I sold that item having time traveled forward to the next day at a time when Reese was open; a good 3 days later after Frank bought this item.. I got it back from him as a way of thanking me for taking time out from my day in order to catch a 'river fish' for him. I thought; "Oh great I got this thing back again." So I just decided to take it back to Retail to sell it at the flea market yet again. So again; it's sitting in the flea market space in Retail waiting to be sold; but so far none of the folk have shown interest in it. So I'm just waiting to see what happens. But some thing seems off about the item since I got it back; I'm not sure what exactly as I can't seem to place a finger on what's different about it but once I figure it out I'll be able to maybe figure out what exactly the problem is with this odd glitch in the game that I seem to have found. So for now; I'm letting the juicy green apple clock sit in Retail for sale.

(to be continued!)

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