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DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 (GBA)


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Dragon Ball Z the Legacy of Goku 2 is one of my favorite GBA games. I shouldn't need to explain what DBZ is or the story. The game plays through the cell saga of the story. It plays as an action RPG, exploring the world going through the story of DBZ.

You start with future trunks in his timeline to get used to the game. Once you get started for real you play as Gohan before mecha freiza shows up. As you get further in the story you unlock more characters to play as. You can use Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku. Ironically even though the title of the game is about Goku you unlock him last towards the end of the game.

Like in any RPG you level up by beating common enemies you find. Its kind of funny how the enemies can kill you in this game, if this was the show they wouldn't be able to hurt any of the DBZ characters. But if that was the case, the game would be too easy and not as fun. There are all kinds of enemies from evil animals to bandits and the DBZ villains.

The music is very similar to the music in the show. Its DBZ so the music rocks especially the one that plays when fighting most bosses. The sound effects when using special attacks are really cool as well. During the game there are also sub quests you can do, you can get a few things from doing them. Sadly you can't fly around and do cool things like how they normally can but thats what the fighting games are for.

If you're in need of a good GBA and love DBZ, you should be able to find this game cheap. There's also DBZ Buu's Fury which is really good but not as cheap. By the way, you can get a super awesome secret character if you collect all trophies in the game and there is a secret boss fight you can do.

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