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Does anyone remember Pokemon Pinball?


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Hi everyone, I was looking at all the retro games I have today, and I came across an old Game Boy game, Pokemon Pinball and I want to ask you have you played on it or do you own it.


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Good GRAVY, I love this game. I dunno what it is about pinball games on the Gameboy, but I find them really addicting. Heck, Kirby's Pinball Land is my favorite Kirby game on the Game Boy! Maybe it's the more simplistic design, and how they weren't trying TOO hard to be exactly like a real pinball table like most pinball sims now, but instead took the basic concept and made something more original out of it that it more fit to the tiny Gameboy screen. That's my guess, at least. That, and it's kind of fun to catch Pokémon by smacking them in the face with a pinball over and over again!

I still need to get Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire for GBA though.

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