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FFVI's Kefka or FFVII's Sephiroth; who's the better villain? spoiler alert


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Weather your a Kefka or Sephiroth fan this argument over which one is the better villain always comes up. Either irl with a conversation with a fellow FF fan or on the internet. So I thought I'd post my thoughts on this & see what fellow FF fans thoughts were.

Here; are mine. First of all I think I'll post about their victories as villains (as best as I can remember them. Please excuse me if I miss anything.) And finally; second I'll post their flaws at the last.

So here's what I've come up with..

Victory's as a villain:

Kefka: Poisoned every one inside of Narshe castle; killing King & his country; minus one man.
Sephiroth: Whipped out every one in Cloud's hometown of Nibelheim using fire.

*My thoughts: Both killed a majority people in a different way; but Kefka did it first while Sephiroth did it second but just used fire in order to burn down Nibelheim. It also is a bit more complicated for Sephiroth's character in that later in the game there's a whole cover up conspiracy going on; so the gamer is never too sure if it even ever happened to begin with. But with Kefka; we know it happened: it's a done deal. Thus my point goes to Kefka.+1 Kefka!

Kefka: Kills his boss & moves some crazy magic statues around in order to take over the world.
Sephiroth: Also kills his boss; but then goes out to some temple out on butt fr*ck Egypt in order to gain a piece of 'black materia' so he can summon down meteo on everyone's arse.

*My thoughts: Both killed their boss in their own way; but Sephiroth messes sh*t up for his world with finesse by just outright summoning meteo & not causing the world to split apart as Kefka does. Sephiroth is going all out for world destruction here; no muss no fuss. Thus impo my point goes to Sephiroth. +1 Sephiroth!

Kefka: Is shown to be cruel towards Ceres, Terra & his own men.
Sephiroth: Ends up killing both Zach & Cloud.

*My thoughts: Kefka is just a cruel & all out a** in general. Sephiroth; he just kills people: dead. Sorry but my point goes to Sephiroth here. +1 Sephiroth!

Kefka: Destroy's villages, towns & cities when he's taken over the world.
Sephiroth: Makes your group follow Cloud who ends up in the life stream whom you have to end up saving. He also kills a member of your party; and when he summons down meteo upon their world also awakens the mech's that were created in order to protect it.

*My thoughts: This is a hard one to call. Cause Kefka is said to destroy a town, village, or city if the people there don't 'obey him'. Where as with Sephiroth; it's just all out mayhem that's going on in general.. O-o; Thus; point again to Sephiroth. Kefka may be destroying villages, towns & etc; but in the game it's said that the people keep rebuilding them. Where as where Sephiroth is concerned; sh*t be going down. +1 Sephiroth!

Now onto their weaknesses. I think I've covered most if not all of the victory's above..

Villain weaknesses:

Kefka: He looks like a flipping clown & is just bat sh*t crazy! <.<; Yea I went there.
Sephiroth: He used to be a good guy & worked with SOLDIER as an operative in order to keep his world safe.. Before finding out the truth of his birth; Sephiroth was a good man & a highly respected member of this group.

*My thoughts: Personally; I think if Sephiroth had 0 access to those documents where he found out about what his father did to his mother in order to make him into the perfect SOLDIER.. I think that he'd still have been a high ranking member of this group & maybe even been around to train others in it. While with Kefka; there is just no hope for this guy cause he's so bat sh*t crazy. Point goes to Kefka here. +1 Kefka!

So the winner; is neither. :p Why? Because look at them! They are essentially the same villain the only difference between them is their history. Kefka uses poison, Sephiroth uses fire. One's bat sh*t crazy while the other is fine; until he learns the truth about his father's experiments which in turn: turns him bat sh*t crazy. Seriously; these two guys are cut from the same dang cloth. The only difference is that Kefka wears the mask of a clown where Sephiroth just doesn't.

While yea; maybe the clear winner for me is Sephiroth.. It's just that for me; Sephiroth just did everything with more fineness was all. :p XD ;3

What do you think? Do you think I'm one sided? That maybe I'm blinded by Sephiroth's bishiness perhaps? (Maybe!) Think that maybe I just see Kefka as more of clown then a villain? (Could be!)

Then let's get this party started! :thumbsup:

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