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Forum Images and Icons

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Wanna make some cool new images for the site and show off your work? Well now here's the perfect time for it! Nintendo Realm needs new graphics and images to show and express it's uniqueness and variety, and best of all, it'll be unique because of YOU! You don't have to be some vintage GFX god, any work you put into a image is always appreciated. Below is a list of things you can make for NR.

I made a WiiterNet banner thread about how new banners can be made to advertise this website, these are also used as our affiliate banners. If you want, you can make some new Nintendo Realm banners and post them there, I'd appreciate it.

Award images
We can always use some new award images, you can check out all the current awards here, and redo some of them and show them off here if you want. All award images are 32x32 in size and have a clear transparent background, and you can use JPG, PNG, or GIF for the image format.

Gifts are the special items you buy and collect in the NR Store, and can also send off to someone else. I personally would love to see some new gift images! Gift images are 128x128 for the large display image, and 16x16 for the image icon. Both images have transparent backgrounds. Simply shrinking the larger image down and saving it as a different image works. Any image file format will do, but PNG is usually used.

Forum icons
You can also make some new forum icons (like the current star forum icon). Sizes are 50x67, transparent backgrounds, and needs to be in GIF image format. also forum icon needs to be named as follows:

on.gif (Forum Contains New Posts)
off.gif (Forum Contains No New Posts)
offlock.gif (Forum is Locked)

Post Icons
Post icons are those small images you see when making a post or thread, and are also displayed next to the thread in the forum display. These images are 16x16 in size, transparent backgrounds, and are preferred to be in GIF format.

Smilies (emoticons) are the animated or non-animated images you usually insert into posts. No size restrictions, although it's advised not to be bigger than 48x48. Smilies should have transparent backgrounds, and should be in GIF format.

So there you have it, if you love making graphics, then there's plenty for you to do here! If you want to make some other graphics that are not listed here, that's fine too. If you feel like doing any of these, you're more than welcome to, I'd appreciated very much. (Y)

Now, let's see your creations and show us what you can make! :cool:

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