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Hello Forum, from Switzerland!


New Member
Hello everyone!

I am really passionate about video games in general but, as my registration here indicates, I have a soft spot for Nintendo and its licenses / consoles! You could even say that I am a real Nsex!
I am not on this forum to promote my Youtube channel but I would like to mention it because it is entirely dedicated to the Kyoto firm, its history, its figures, its news: Super NintenBoy! If you speak french (or you can activate the translation), you're welcome!

A little bit about me:
-Age: 30
-Gender: Male
-Location: Switzerland
-Studies: Philosophy and History of art
- Professions: In culture and education

I hope to be a maximum active and brought my joy and my optimism to this community!

I sincerely look forward to sharing with you!

Here weeeeee gooooooo!

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