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Hello from us!

Hello everyone, I've been enjoying gaming across all platforms for about 3 decades and have some amazing memories from it.

A few years ago I had a daughter who I recently tried gaming with for a bit of fun she loved it and I decided I would use gaming to further our father daughter bonding time. I will also record and upload the videos for a way to follow her progression and save the memories.

The gaming is going to be just on the switch for a while as I think that's the best platform for young children. So wanted to join some forums to keep up to date with new games and meet new switch players.


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Thats awesome! Its been a big trial and error approach to finding what my children like to play but its coming along great. The recording memories is a great idea.

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Hey and thx, like I said I have many great memories from gaming myself and wish I could go afk and enjoy them again hopefully either myself or my daughter will enjoy watching these back in the future.

She's still very young so she's quite happy to play (or watch me play ) most things atm and just talks along but I guess she'll some start dictating what we play soon.

How old are your children and what so they like to play?


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My daughter is 9 and son 7.

My daughter so far biggest winners from my side seem to be Zelda, basic RPGs so far, and Point and Click Adventures (Professor Layton) but on her own she loves Roblox and Minecraft which I do join her occasionally.

We did however sit down and finish Streets of Rage 4 together.

My son likes Sonic.

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