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Help with the online store and regions


New Member
Ok I live in the USA so I really need menus and the like to be in english. I am thinking about getting a switch during black friday for a few games (bayonetta 2, smash bros, etc.) but mainly dead or alive extreme 3 fortuna on the switch rather then ps4 because the switch doesn't censor anything. As far as a understand it one can make multiple profiles on the system using different regions and share the games similar to playstation network. As that is a way to get games and their dlcs regardless of region. I did this on my ps4 to obtain gundam breaker 3 and its dlc using a singapore ps4 account and linking it with my normal us ps4 account.

My question is what region in english will i need to select to get doa and its dlc on the switch? Anyone got an answer. Each time i do a google search and look on the official nintendo online store i don't see the game but doing a random google search finds the game on various retailers (play asia being one of them).

And please i get it some folks may be offended by games such as doa but its really rather harmless and its a video game. We dont need to panic and make things complicated with social political bs.

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Nobody should be offended by your choice of game. DOAX3 is fine.

As for your question: You can log in with any account, from any region, and download from any region. Your new Switch is region-free.

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