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hi there


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hi there, i am a fairly oldskool gamer,ranging from the commodore 64 to the sega megadrive II,saturn and dreamcast ,to the nintendo 64-and many in between-also a PC and laptop gamer.

ive now got myself a nintendo switch thanks to my sister in fact, and im looking forward to getting back to nintendo gaming.its not in my hands yet its at my sisters house who doesnt live near me but im looking forward to getting the same games so i can play with them,ive already bought from GAME 'DOOM -the slayers edition' as i had all these when i was growing up and i had DOOM64 but after updating my geforce driver it affected the vulkan graphics engine and stopped working.

im quite severely disabled i have classic autism,mild intelectual disability,two forms of epilepsy, a physical disability etc, ive not been able to play console games for a while as i need the capacitors replacing in my sega saturn,and ive discovered some of my favourite games like spirit of the north are on the switch so im going to be getting it again.

is there any games you all recommend ? i know of the lateest animal crossing as along with a second hand switch lite ive bought that for my niece,i also bought her super luckys tale and a mario game with bowsers fury on it (sorry my memory is damaged , i forgot the name), i have the spyro trilogy on my steam account and i dont want that pn the switch as well.

so i hope you are all well,bye for now.


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Welcome to SwitchForum.com! :)
hi nintendo X, thankyou for the welceme!
im sorry ive not replied yet.
it was your metroid avatar that made me look into the switch version further, in all the years ive gamed ive never played it so its now on my list to get,ive always loved side scrollers whether it was double dragon II on the C64 or guardian heroes on the sega saturn.

ive had the switch for a bit now..already bought pokemon sword, burnout remastered (off the nintendo estore,it was on offer for £10), doom (2016), and my parents have bought me lets go pikachu and spirit of the north along with other bits for christmas.

im struggling with doom a fair bit on the switch controls,i am just to used to the PC keyboard layout for FPS lol.

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