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How did you find SwitchForum?

Nintendo X

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Hello and welcome to SwitchForum! We're a forum that is mainly focused on the upcoming console from Nintendo, however, we're also focused on all of the Nintendo consoles, and gaming as a whole! As you can imagine, there are a lot of topics within those subjects, and we look forward to reading your thoughts.

How did you come across SwitchForum.com? What term did you search for on google, yahoo, or bing? Did you come from another website? Did a friend tell you online?

Any information shared in here really helps us figure out where to spend our time promoting the website. We appreciate your feedback.

It would be helpful to track down where the loyal members are from.


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I typed ‘nintendo Switch community’ into google. You were the second one to pop up. Not going to lie I was going to sign up to the first one but their website wasn’t secure and didn’t fancy giving my email to them!


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I couldn't log into nintendo support forums so I googled and unofficial Nintendo forum, for help originally, but this is a cool place I'll stick around.

Like Switch Forum!