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Joycons acting strange after console got wet.


New Member
A few days ago, my wifes switch got wet. It wasn't working at all. We took it to a local shop for repairs. The guy replaced one of the joycons and dried everything up inside. It all seemed to work fine. When i got it home, my wife played it without any problems. She laid it down and it eventually went to sleep. Upon waking the game, the left joycon joystick wouldn't work. It showed the left joycon wasn't connected. She powered the console off and back on and it worked again. As long as she keeps playing, the joycon stays connected. If she hibernates the game or it goes to sleep, the joycon problem repeats itself. The only way to get it reconnected it to power the console down. Anyone have any ideas? She had disconnected the controllers and re-paired them and that didn't help. We are taking it back to the shop hoping the guy can enlighten us.

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