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Joycons won't turn on


New Member
Charged the joycons they showed to be fully charged took them off tried to turn them on and they won't stay turned on. I went and bought new joy cons fully charged them and again the brand new joycons won't turn on. Any ideas?
We have reset the AC adapter by leaving it unplugged from both ends, completely unplugged it from the wall detached the joycon controllers reset them by Pressing the sync button once on each controller, after resetting the AC adapter and the joycon attached the joycon to the console, then connect the AC adapter directly to the console and to a wall plug.
Contacted Nintendo support they said send the joycons in for repair but I also bought brand new joycons and they still are not working doing the same thing...not turning on.
I've updated the system as well...Any suggestions what the problem could be?

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